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3rd child after April 2017

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Phjones2015 Thu 28-Jul-16 09:35:02

Hi , I would really like a third child however due to benefit changes next year would I get any help with childcare when I went back to work? I have 2 children 13 and 17 the 17 year old is doing an appreticeship so I do not get anything for him and as myself and my husband work we do not get benefits however if we had a 3rd child we would have to pay for childcare which would be a big chunk of wages we earn £25000 between us

BITCAT Thu 28-Jul-16 23:57:51

I would have thought that if you are not getting benefits for your eldest who will now be classed as a non dependent and no longer a child. That you should be OK. I would do some Research to find out how it works. You can.only claim for 2 children as I understand it. But you will only be claiming for 2. So I would say it's fine. But look into it.

Phjones2015 Fri 29-Jul-16 09:18:42

Thanks, I have been looking into it but it looks like they will only help with first two children then any subsequent children are excluded , really want a third child but won't be able to afford one if we won't get help with childcare

BITCAT Fri 29-Jul-16 10:48:23

But your first 2 would be your second and third if you get me. As number one is no longer a child. My 17 year old is no longer included on my claim so he wouldnt be counted. It would be same as child benefit. I now get the eldest child's money for the next eldest.

BITCAT Fri 29-Jul-16 11:06:53

Your first child won't be on your benefit claim because he is a non you would only be claiming for 2 children. So your second eldest would take the place as the eldest child. They can only use the children you are claiming for and you would lose the benefit for the eldest child if you were claiming for 3 anyway but you don't get anything for your eldest so it won't make any difference. I think you will be OK. But I would either ring and speak to someone or check with Cab who will be able to tell you exactly how it works. Before you put your wish of another child away.

sobiashaheen Wed 05-Oct-16 18:33:40

I'd like to ask one thing in my first marriage I had 2 lovely girls age 1 and 4. I have since re married again if I had another baby would that cast as third child or first

BITCAT Thu 06-Oct-16 08:59:38

3rd.. if your receiving benefits for them child benefit or tax credits then..any child would be seen as a third. If they are adult children and you are not receiving tax credits they can not be counted..

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