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Nursery in/around Eastbourne & Battle

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worrymummy Fri 26-Jan-07 16:05:44 just starting to think about a nursery for my ds (now 15 months but this is for when he is 2+). I'd really love a place that has organic food and lots of outdoor activities. Any ideas would be fab...thanks...

CowsGoMoo Fri 23-Mar-07 17:11:02


My dd goes to Claremont nursery (St Leonards) and although v expensive I think its a great setting. They have access to all the prep school grounds and go out and do welly walks each week, collecting conkers and leaves in autumn etc. They even have a covered area outside so they always get outside every day for fresh air even when the weather is wet.

Not sure if the food is organic, but it has a good 3 weekly menu of food made on the premises. No turkey twizzlers there

I've heard good things about Claverham Nursery in Battle and Battle pre school group.

Sorry dont know any nurseries in Eastbourne.

best of luck choosing!

nik66 Tue 03-Jul-07 13:01:38

My little one went to Claverham a long time ago now and it was great

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