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Troubling Nursery Staff Issues

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user1469376681 Sun 24-Jul-16 17:48:43

I am not sure what to do about this and I have been thinking it over for a few weeks to the point where I have started losing sleep.
My 2 LBs are in a fairly new (less than 2 years old) nursery one is leaving to go to school and the other is still in the baby room.
I am perfectly happy with the care my oldest has received from the second he started until now. It is my youngest I am concerned about.
To me it seems the staff nly started showing concern around the time Ofsted appeared and it was after that thy brought up concerns with me and my partner. He isnt an active child but I have been to HV and Dr and he seems fine. He is one but has only just started rolling but he is doing it all over the house at home and wouldnt do it at nursery, the only time I ever hear reports of them doing tummy time is when one member of staff was on her own with him (i will get to her and other concerns in a minute) and she said although he didnt like it she would persevere and encourage him to roll over even just half way and praise him, the rest of the staff say he just sits there and is lazy and they have cicnerns he should be doing more and contacted the health visitor who refused to come out and see him again (as it was all recorded she has been to me iff my own back). They also dont like the fact that i breast feed and take my own milk daily for him and try to make me stop, now he does not depend on my milk as he has all his meals and the milk is just a top up as and when he wants it. I have voiced these concerns with management but nothing is getting done about the treatment of my youngest. It is like he is an outcast to them at such a young age. I know I can take him out of the nursery but despite all this he is settled.
Now to my concerns of the girl who did spend time with him
She was there for almost 6 months taking care of both my children mainly my youngest and all of a sudden she disappeared and even after asking no one would tell us why this was, she has worked in childcare before and through friends I knew she was good at her job but the sudden disappearance was unnerving as I though somehting had happened to her.
I then decided on a half day from work to go and pick up the children, usually my oldest runs up to the highesst floor where the babies are situated but this time he wanted to wait until the end of his story and I am glad I did as I overheard two of the three remaining baby room staff talking about the 'missing' girl and the older lady said
' I told you we would get rid of her' the younger replied
' I know but I feel bad lying and involving XXX (the part time member of staff in that room) when she was just new'
(old Staff) ' dont worry about yourself now shes gone we can continue how we were and no one will say a thing now!
(younger Staff) 'How did you find out what hse was going to say anout us'
(OS) 'I opened the notes section in her ipad when i was pretending to google resources and saw it all listed in there so got in to XXX (manager) first with things'
I wish I hadnt interrupted them and listened more but one of the babies started crying so I wouldnt have heard
I have found out from a mutual friend she was in employment in another nursery within 2 weeks so she isnt out of work but the way they have behaved is appalling and I am regretting not speaking up sooner. is there a way I can report them anon for this?
I also know of another parent who i am who has taken their daughter out of that nursery because her husband when picking the daughter up overheard the older member of staff shouting at their crying daughter while the one that lost her job was trying to comfort her, he then stood on the stairwell sorting her bag out and over heard the older staff saying
Will you cover for me and say I did nothing wrong when he complains

I feel that the problem is the older staff but how do I prove this?

insancerre Mon 25-Jul-16 20:33:40

You can't
If you are not happy then take your child out
If you complain she will deny it and how can you prove anything?

user1469376681 Mon 25-Jul-16 21:15:12

I'm looking into places nearby for my youngest
I wish I could prove it especially after their lies cost someone their job.
It's a shame because I was happy leaving them both with her

user1469376681 Fri 02-Sep-16 00:01:57

Ok I have since taken my youngest out of that nursery and placed him elsewhere (with the little girl whose dad heard older member of staff shouting at) and he has come on leaps and bounds.
I pestered and pestered to find out what the story was with the girl who left and they are saying she walked out and dropped them in it but through the mutual friend I was told (on her request) that she hadn't walked and she wanted me to know that she didn't just up and leave and 'forget' about my youngest.
I'm extremely worried that if they could lie like that about one of my children's main care givers in that setting leaving what else have they lied to me about and what are they lying to the other parents about.
I want to report them to Ofsted over this but I know they will immediately blame the girl they are lying about (older member of staff blames everyone for her mistakes all the time, I wasn't so concerned on the minor ones such as nappy covers being left off or losing socks etc but I knew when she was lying cos she had a 'tell')
It literally is just this one staff member (well the younger one too but she's young enough to be easily led by someone who is meant to be a senior member of staff) that needs addressing but I'm worried if I take things further they will jump to the wrong conclusion and blame the innocent party but I also don't feel that someone who lies their way out of things and passes blame into others and then lies to parents who put their trust in her is really suitable for a job in care full stop not just a job in child care

user1469376681 Fri 02-Sep-16 00:02:33

Oh must add my oldest left at the start of summer to go to school I haven't left him there

Dlah Fri 16-Sep-16 21:45:20

I'd raise a concern with Ofsted about what you overheard. Sounds extremely dodgy

fastdaytears Fri 16-Sep-16 21:49:30

It doesn't sound good at all.

I'm not sure what would stop your reporting. Your kids are well out of it all so wouldn't be affected by any unpleasantness.

The reason for leaving stuff isn't an issue in itself as that could be confidential or the nursery don't want a bad impression made, but what you overheard is really, really odd.

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