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Nurseries near Newbury

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Daffodil3003 Fri 22-Jul-16 12:18:45

We are moving to a village (Compton, north of m4) near Newbury in November and wondered if anyone could suggest any nursery they really rate? It would be for a 3.5 year old before she starts school in the September and for a 15 month old boy. I don't want to be driving more than 20 mins to a nursery and need to avoid areas that get very busy at rush hour.
Thank you so much!

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TiggyOBE Fri 22-Jul-16 20:18:20

Home town of Theo Walcott eh?

If you,re working in Newbury you,ll be driving down long lane through Hermitage. Just off the main road is Acres of Fun. Not sure if it,s any good and the owner,s a cow. convenient though. Abacus isn,t bad. No real stand out ones in the area that I know of.

Not more than 20 minutes to a nursery might be an issue. Isn,t Compton 20 minutes from anywhere?

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