Is this normal?

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Bubblyface Thu 14-Jul-16 18:21:01

My 1 year old is a happy baby and by that I mean she's not a crier. At home she cries it very hungry or tired but that's about it.

She's been at nursery 2 weeks now though and she cries a lot more there. Her first few sessions were a nightmare and she cried a lot then she got better but they're still telling me she cries on and off. Some days are better than others - yesterday they said she was pretty happy but today she's been doing some crying again. I never expected this as she's such a happy and independent baby and not at all clingy at playgroups or anything.

I guess my question is, is this normal and will it get better or is she really unhappy there and should I look at an alternative. To clarify I don't actually have a current alternative......

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FineAsWeAre Sun 17-Jul-16 18:44:38

It's very normal. 2 weeks is not long at all for settling in and separation anxiety can be a huge factor at that age. She just needs time to bond with her key person. I'd see it as a positive that the staff are being so honest with you as well. It makes you feel so guilty but keep going, she'll get there. Make sure you're really cheerful when you drop her off and pick her up too, if you're worried she might pick up on it.

Dlah Tue 19-Jul-16 10:36:58

Yes, ditto, very normal, I work in a nursery and it's so hard sometimes, we've had children who have literally made themselves sick they've been so upset for the first few weeks and then boom - it just clicks and they are fine.

We will always be honest with parents, and if they are completely inconsolable we will ring them, but the harsh reality is they just need to stay strong sometimes and know it will get better smile

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