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Parent working with own child.

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TangfasticFanatic Sat 02-Jul-16 04:04:25

Just wondering what people's opinions are really.
What do you think of a nursery nurse/assistant working in the same room as their own child? smile

needacoffeenow Sat 02-Jul-16 04:16:09

The two nurseries my DD has worked at do not allow their staff to be in the same room as their children, I can understand why as they would not want to be accused of favouritism.

icklekid Sat 02-Jul-16 04:24:55

I can understand it not being ideal but they may have the most experience in that room- in my mind its no different to a childminder having their own child too which is common. In my experience they always put other children before their own so wouldn't bother me. However I can understand why it would others

TiggyOBE Mon 04-Jul-16 19:46:13

Mostly not allowed in nurseries, particularly the bigger chains. I have worked with a mother and child in the same room and it wasn't good. I remember her telling her child not to go up a tall climbing frame saying "It's dangerous", then letting the other children up. She had real double standards. I've also worked places where it wasn't a problem.

TangfasticFanatic Tue 05-Jul-16 00:54:15

I've had experience of this too and I don't really think it's a good idea. Saying that, I've seen it work well.. But mainly not so well at all, depends on the person I suppose. That's why I asked, wasn't sure of other people's views.. The Majority of comments I've heard are of how lovely it is.. Etc.

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