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Biting in the toddler room

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MGMidget Mon 06-Jun-16 14:50:46

My 14 month old daughter is in the toddler room at nursery two days a week. There's a boy in the room that has a track record of biting her and others (I've witnessed his behaviour myself at drop off and staff have mentioned its a bit of a problem they are working on). If there's a biter in a nursery room I wondered how long it takes to change their behaviour (i.e. stop the biting) and whether there's likely to be a few months of this behaviour. They boy in question seems to go for the faces of other children (poking/scratching with his hands as well as biting).

My daughter's face dropped when he walked up to her and poked his hands towards her face at drop off this morning and she looked scared. The nursery staff member managed the situation very well, told him no XX, use kind hands then kept my daughter close to her while someone else steered the boy off in another direction. However, I imagine it must be very hard to always be able to do this given the demands on the nursery staff during the day, hence the injuries! I'm hoping this isn't going to be a problem for months on end. Anyone had similar experiences and how long did it take to stop? Thanks!

Dlah Tue 07-Jun-16 02:08:04

Whilst I don't yet have a child in nursery, I work in one, and it's unfortunately the 'common' problem we hate! It's so horrible to tell someone their child's been bitten or that their child's the biter.

From my experience, it's unfortunately not an overnight thing, and id say on average it can go on a month or two (if parents are working with us to discourage) unfortunately I've had situations where parents found it funny and 'oh they do it to their old brother/sister playing around' which can drag it out, and one particular child lasted nearly 6 months as our influence of positive reinforcement was being totally ignored at home hmm

Hopefully that won't be the case for you, and your nursery sound proactive already so fingers crossed will be nipped in the bud X

StepfauxWife Sat 11-Jun-16 20:21:30

My DD was a biter and I absolutely hated it. I witnessed her do it once and it made me cry!

It probably took her a few months to get over it - that was with a joint effort between us and nursery.

Good luck!

sarahs88 Wed 15-Jun-16 17:34:42

It took me a couple months solid training to get my kid to stop doing it, but that was at home in a more stress-free dedicated environment. It's prob going to take linger at nursery. Hopefully they'll be on top of the little boy as much as possible to divert him/stop him before he goes to do it.

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