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Ofsted Ratios

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bearofnothingness Thu 02-Jun-16 20:40:36

Where can I find / or what is, the Ofsted ratios for outdoor trips for 2 year olds/3 year olds etc..?

Information online seems to be conflicting somewhat...

insancerre Fri 03-Jun-16 06:49:36

Legally, the ratio doesnt change for trips
So it whole be 1-4 for 2 year olds
1-8 or 1-13 for 3 year holds, depending on the qualification of the adults
Some settings may have a policy that more adults are needed, but that's not dictated by ofsted, it will be down to individual settings

wineandsunshine Sat 04-Jun-16 18:11:36

Look at the EYFS document online

Dlah Tue 07-Jun-16 02:09:32

As above, doesn't change from the normal ratios, however the nursery I work at adopts at 1:2 for all trips with all ages in the interest of safety

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