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Over reacting or not ??

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Alvah Sat 02-Jul-16 01:10:37

It's a complete no, no to have kissing between a child in a nursery and a teacher. The boundaries need to be professional and clear.

I would be very uncomfortable with it if it was my child too. I would speak to the manager/supervisor.

I also find the nickname a bit inappropriate...

I am both a parent and in nursery management. I would never let a member of staff do this.

anewyear Fri 10-Jun-16 19:14:12

Just realised this an oldish thread, apologies.

anewyear Fri 10-Jun-16 19:13:05

Sorry insancerre, you are far, far more experienced than me,
However, I personally think, that allowing a key child/minded child to kiss you is, for want of another word, inappropriate.
A hug or cuddle when the child is upset is fine, but not a kiss, this would make me feel really uncomfortable, we have to safeguard ourselves, as well as the children..
personally I agree with Dlah
Again my view only, if others are comfortable with it, then, so be it..

Dlah Tue 07-Jun-16 02:22:10

Within a nursery we advise our staff to be comforting without pushing boundaries, kissing is a no.
We will always offer a cuddle to a child who wants/needs one, but for example children who say 'I love you' to a staff member will be responded to with something like 'thank you, that's very kind' just to try and keep lines clear

I'd just have a quiet word with them and politely ask them to refrain

mum2benicole Sat 21-May-16 13:24:10

No I'm in no jealous just find it strange she's not this way with the other children that's all

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insancerre Sat 21-May-16 10:44:00

The teacher isn't a stranger!

She is a person with whom your child has formed an emotional attachment
Are you perhaps jealous?

I see absolutely nothing wrong with a child showing affection towards a caring and trusted adult

mum2benicole Thu 19-May-16 19:59:30

Yea think I'm going to have to shes a really cuddly child she always has been we tell her not to talk to strangers and all that but I think she's grown attached to the teacher

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Jessbow Thu 19-May-16 18:50:28

and tell you daughter not to perhaps?

Jessbow Thu 19-May-16 18:49:51

Have a word with room supervisor, just say you'd rather she didn't, just that you keep kissing between family only.

mum2benicole Thu 19-May-16 18:03:42

My daughter who is almost 3 is currently in nursery and she loves it,,but there's 1 out the 5 teachers that's just a bit hands on. I don't really know what to say or how to react but she's started allowing my daughter to kiss her before shes let out at home time I've not seen her do it to other kids so was a bit unsure why but her dad says she calls our daughter "my little princes" I don't really no how to react I've never known of a teacher be like that she's even gave her nick name....
What peoples thoughts what should I say or do??
Thanks in advance xx

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