Childcare in Paris

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YvetteHYQ Sun 08-May-16 17:25:51

We are moving to Paris later this year. Husband's work is in 16th Arr., so we may find some place to live around that area. (any suggestions are appreciated^_^)

Our LO is one year old now, and is attending nursery 3 days/week. He is allergic to cow/goat milk, eggs, nuts, wheat, and coconut milk.

The French childcare system confuses us quite a lot at the moment.

1. How do they calculate mean-tested pay?
2. Which area's public nursery is less stressed? We heard it can be very difficult to get a place.
3. Are nurseries good with children with allergies?
4. Can we register him across Arr.? for example, if we live in 17th Arr., can we send him to nurseries in 16th Arr.?

Can anyone please give some suggestions? Thankssssssssssssss...

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