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Does your Nursery have a UNIFORM????

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drosophila Fri 12-Jan-07 20:23:32

Mine does from the age of 2. It seems so young to put them in a uniform don't you think?

Hulababy Fri 12-Jan-07 20:26:25

Depends what the uniform is I guess and if it is practical.

DD's didn't, but I know of some that do. But they tend to be jogging suits, except for one attached to a private school whhich is based on the main school uniform.

TBH seeing what some parents send their childrren to nursery in, bearing in mind the activities they'll be doing, then a simple, practical usniform makes sense!

Needs to be very flexible really though.

nearlythree Fri 12-Jan-07 20:26:38

I would be horrified. It is so good for them to be individuals for as long as possible.

There is an argument that a basic uniform (sweatshirt with logo) cuts down on work for parents and saves 'good' clothes being spoilt by paint etc. Personally I'd rather my dcs painted all their clothes rather than look like clones - I'm still getting used to dd1 wearing uniform in reception.

drosophila Fri 12-Jan-07 20:28:11

Well it is a red sweatshit with logo, white polo shirt and grey bottoms. Very much like the average primary school around here.

brimfull Fri 12-Jan-07 20:30:07

A sweatshirt and T-shirt,but it's entirely optional.Ds refuses to wear it.I think it's pointless as he has enough clothes that he needs to wear.

nearlythree Fri 12-Jan-07 20:30:49

Yep, that's pretty much dd's uniform. Would remove my dcs from pre-school if they wanted them to dress like that (but then I am a bit mad).

Budababe Fri 12-Jan-07 20:49:20

DS had a uniform in nursery - grey joggers, white polo shirt, grey school sweatshirt.

Didn't bother me. No much originality in clothes at that age anyway!

wheresthehamster Fri 12-Jan-07 20:51:04

Round here it seems to be a nice little moneyspinner. They make about £3 or £4 on the sweatshirts and of course lots of free advertising!

NAB3 Fri 12-Jan-07 20:51:48

We can buy polo shirts and sweatshirts but they aren't compulsory and only 1 child wears them.

nearlythree Fri 12-Jan-07 21:18:34

The teacher at the dds' pre-school also made the point that individual outfits make telling children (esp boys) apart very easily from the back.

My dds both have very unique styles and always have had.

drosophila Sat 13-Jan-07 13:35:59

I ma just a tad uncomfortable about it. They just seem so young. Also she has so many clothes after Christmas she won't get the opportunity to wear them.

SoupDragon Sat 13-Jan-07 14:09:58

DSs did. Fantastic. I didn't have to worry about what they wore or if their clothes would get covered in paint. It didn't make them any less individuals either because my children are more than the clothes they wear. It didn't make them clones either because they still looked like my children whatever they were wearing.

Besides, they're children, not clothes horses

colditz Sat 13-Jan-07 14:12:11

No, I hate them. He will have to wear one when he is 4, I don't wnat him to wear one yet. Although itn wouold be easier on the ole washing

geekgrrl Sat 13-Jan-07 14:16:06

yes, ds attends the local ponceyprep's nursery and has to wear the nursery sweatshirt or t-shirt. find it quite irritating really - he's got lovely clothes and barely gets to wear them now.

SnafuOutOfHiding Sat 13-Jan-07 14:21:22

Ds's nursery has a sweatshirt and a t-shirt, but both are optional.

I very rarely remember to put them on him - and then regret it as he invariably comes home covered in paint or play-doh...

But, agree with Soupy. Ds is still very much ds whatever he's wearing!

ejt1764 Sat 13-Jan-07 18:35:02

DS's nursery unit is part of the main school building, just next door to the reception class.

All the kids in higher years wear uniform, and so does ds - he was very excited about being able to wear uniform as to him uniform = grown-up ... it'll soon wear off, I know!

Incidentally, as far as DS is concerned, he's not at nursery, he's at school - all the nursery unit children have buddies in reception, and are included in assemblies and the like .....

Must admit to having had a tear in my eye the first day he put it on though, felt like my baby was growing up too fast!


drosophila Sat 13-Jan-07 21:06:44

DD is not even two yet. WHy do you think some nurseries have them when most seem no to.

geekgrrl Sat 13-Jan-07 22:09:16

I think it's an attempt at being elitist... you know, how schools try to appear really posh by having a complicated uniform.

geekgrrl Sat 13-Jan-07 22:09:38

I meant 'some schools'

drosophila Sun 14-Jan-07 11:19:39

So do any of you think it is to make money?

julienetmum Tue 16-Jan-07 13:25:23

Not an attemopt to make money in our case as the school/nursery don'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLING OF UNIFORM. iT ALL COMES FROM A LOCAL SCHOOL UNIFORM shop.

nurseryvoice Wed 17-Jan-07 18:46:18

a few of our parents suggested a polo shirt so we ordered some with our logo on.
entirely up to the parent/child if they want to wear them.
dont wish to or make any money in fact we pay the carriage charge and vat so we actually make a loss on each order of about £10.00 but it is nice for the children and it is also advertising for the nursery.

PrincessPeaHead Wed 17-Jan-07 18:58:53

ours has a completely optional red sweatshirt. it is part of a school and some children like the idea of wearing a "uniform" like their older siblings so I think that is the reason for it - it has the school logo on it. some children do wear it, some don't.

I think a proper uniform at this age is pretty nutty

mummyno1 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:20:50

When sending my boy on local trips with nursery I always make sure he has a uniform on it makes sense and would be silly not to. Some days I dont bother but when they go on outings I think it is important for them to wear a uniform for safety reasons. Also it saves his clothes as my son's uniform is always covered in paint!!

slayerette Thu 22-Feb-07 14:31:49

In same situation as ejt1764 - pre-school attached to main school and ds was so excited about his uniform! He hated his taster days because he didn't look the same as the others. But now when I collect him at lunchtime I can never see which one's him in the playground - have to ask the teachers if they can see my child

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