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Angel delight!! Oh bl**dy hell!

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alibubbles Sat 13-Jan-07 12:02:32

If I gave my minded children tinned spaghetti and angel delight, I think Ofsted might say something!

I didn't know that you could still get angel delight, we had it, but I was a child of the 60's.

Fresh fruit , stewed fruits and plain yougurt or natural fromage frais is order of the day here!

LubyLoo Fri 12-Jan-07 23:54:36

DD's nursery food also seems to have gone downhill recently. Cake and custard yesterday and ice cream today. No fruit all day.DD is 15 months old.

I was wondering if it was due to costsaving. Not sure if I should discuss it with them or whether I am being too uptight. She is only there two days a week

corblimeymadam Fri 12-Jan-07 22:47:11

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Fri 12-Jan-07 19:31:05

Angel Delight


pointydog Fri 12-Jan-07 19:24:16

Yes puffling, I think one person's 'from fresh' could be hugely different from another's.

puffling Fri 12-Jan-07 19:15:17

I expect that to some nurseries 'prepared from fresh' means tin immediately emptied into microwave and Angel Delight not prepared in advance. I try not to think what dd is getting and as someone else said, it's not forever and you give good food at home. however, I wouldn't be worried about taking it up with them.

pointydog Fri 12-Jan-07 19:06:27

If the nursery has clearly stated that they prepare all food from fresh and if you have a clear understanding of exactly what they think that means, then yes, I can see why you're angry.

aviatrix Fri 12-Jan-07 18:41:49

Message withdrawn

Aloha Fri 12-Jan-07 18:35:06

I would be extremely unimpressed with my child being fed the worst sort of synthetic crap, which includes hydrogenated oils which are strongly associated with a risk of lifelong obesity and other horrors. And tinned spaghetti ffs. I wouldn't eat this crap and I wouldn't want my children eating it. Complain vigorously and tell them this:
Top nutritionists at Harvard have stated as follows:

"By our most conservative estimate, replacement of partially hydrogenated fat in the U.S. diet with natural unhydrogenated vegetable oils would prevent approximately 30,000 premature coronary deaths per year, and epidemiologic evidence suggests this number is closer to 100,000 premature deaths annually."

doormat Fri 12-Jan-07 18:33:26

ever thought that the cook might have been off sick

we had to deal with this in the nursery where I work this week
we were short staffed as it was and yet we all mucked in to prepare the meals, do the washing and clean the kitchen and meal area

marymillington Fri 12-Jan-07 18:32:47

i wouldn't object to the odd portion of spaghetti hoops, so long as the greater proportion of what was offered was fresh and healthy. though am raising eyebrows somewhat at the angel delight (what's wrong with yoghurt fgs?).

that said i really fancy a bowl of butterscotch angel delight right now [hormonal pregnant emoticon] can't have had any of that since 1981

mellowma Fri 12-Jan-07 18:28:24

Message withdrawn

Miaou Fri 12-Jan-07 18:26:00

I would ask for a menu from them and then check that they are getting what they say they are.

Tbh I think most nurseries give kids more processed foods than they either let on or than people are generally happy with. Dd1 had more ham sandwiches than I was comfortable with (like most days for tea ) and too many puddings/buns and not enough fruit. However I took the view that she got a good diet at home and it wasn't for ever - she is 9 now and eats a very healthy diet very happily. It's not done her any long term harm.

mellowma Fri 12-Jan-07 18:21:21

Message withdrawn

TheArmadillo Fri 12-Jan-07 18:11:46

If you were told they prepared everything from fresh and are then being told they have given her foods which are certainly not prepared from fresh then I would ask for an explanation.

corblimeymadam Fri 12-Jan-07 18:10:12

Message withdrawn

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