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Angel delight!! Oh bl**dy hell!

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corblimeymadam Fri 12-Jan-07 18:10:12

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Tue 16-Jan-07 14:51:39

My two were teetering on the brink of a full on tantrum in Tesco's on Saturday so dh tried to distract by pointing out the tins of pasta - you know, Barbie, Barney, Bob the Builder.

So they are all squeals and get one each. Warm them up for tea and dd2 put a mouthful in and spat in out in drips onto the table.

dd1 tried a few mouthfuls and then said it was horrible and "not like your pasta mummy".


I used to like Angel Delight as a child but I used to like Spandau Ballet as well.

Aloha Tue 16-Jan-07 14:40:25

Yes, I've had Smash. It's a bit bland in texture etc but it is made of real potato, has plenty of vitamin c, low in salt and contains no carcinogenic ingredients or ones that cause heart disease. The Food Commission approves it as a healthy food. Which is a lot more than you can say for Angel Delight.

Piffle Tue 16-Jan-07 11:26:12

Wait until you get to big school
Packed lunches all the way here
it's one aspect of ym kids upbringings I intend keeping a very close eye on
Sudden heart death pre age 50 due to hardening of the arteries is present on both sides of ds's family.
My mother cooked always home cooked good nutritious food, when my father dropped dead aged 49 we were told the worst damage had been done before he turned 20.
Call me paranoid I do not want to outlive my children.

smeeinit Tue 16-Jan-07 11:17:53

aloha have you ever tasted smash?!!

lostinfrance Tue 16-Jan-07 11:15:48

Message withdrawn

fruitshoots Tue 16-Jan-07 11:10:38

I love Angel delight my kids have it all the time

arfishy Tue 16-Jan-07 11:00:42

BelgianBun - you are right to be annoyed. The issues here are:

1) The food isn't 'fresh' as advertised
2) They have no understanding of children's nutrition (or worse, do and just don't care)
3) If they're lying and ill-informed about the food, what's happening in other areas of the nursery?

The thing about Angel Delight is that yes, we all had it as children. It was exotic and fun in the 70s. We didn't know about trans fats then and we do now. It isn't good to eat all of the processed junk that is available. Just because it's become 'normal' doesn't mean to say it's ok.

Aloha Tue 16-Jan-07 09:56:31

I'd much rather have Smash. At least it doesn't contain positively dangerous ingredients.

Aloha Tue 16-Jan-07 09:56:03

Yes, it is a business. You are the CUSTOMER. If they lose customers, they lose their business. WHy on earth do you think Sainsbury's, to name just one major retailer, is eliminating transfats from its entire range. Nearly all responsible retailers are working towards the same goal. That's because transfats cause cancer and heart disease. That may be OK for some people's children, but it isn't for mine and for £900 a term, it isn't for BB's.

smeeinit Mon 15-Jan-07 22:48:53

belgiunbun,if you want to email me i will give you the name of the chain of nurseries i worked at that served the smash.
dont really wnat to name it on here at the risk of getting sued!
nik 19 71 (at) bt internet (dot) com

Raggydoll Mon 15-Jan-07 22:47:57

at dd's nursery lemon curd sandwiches are a regular 'supper'. I don't think they ever have fruit!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 15-Jan-07 22:43:52

Oh, yes, the OP. I'd ask. It might have been a one off, it might not.

I've never been comfortable with for-profit childcare, so my kids haven't ever really had any. Non-profit nursery, charity childcare co-op, etc etc.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 15-Jan-07 22:43:04

Yes, my breasts tell jokes too.

DS2 doesn't generally talk about breasts, except to say "no boobie no boobie no boobie" before having some. Oh, he did sing me a song with the theme "boobie boobie boobie" today.

(I call them boobs, but he puts 'ie' on anything now. He has a dragon called Draggie, his brother is called DS1ie, etc etc)

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Jan-07 22:27:39

Message withdrawn

ELF1981 Mon 15-Jan-07 22:10:49

personally I would be more bothered about the spaghetti

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Jan-07 22:04:56

Message withdrawn

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 15-Jan-07 21:59:46

MP - our DC's have obviously been sharing this joke....?

BB - sorry....

ELF1981 Mon 15-Jan-07 21:58:53


I have a good food situation going with our CM, now I just need to teach my family that NO she does not want chocolate buttons!

corblimeymadam Mon 15-Jan-07 21:56:30

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Mon 15-Jan-07 21:56:24

(Sometimes my dd will pretend to be about to lwatch on and then say "No" and turn away. And then roll around laughing. She will do this about 20 times which she thinks is the height of sophisticated humour.)

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 15-Jan-07 21:55:09

LOL, Sometimes (because DP gives him a bottle of ebm when im at work), he'll go up to him and ask for "bot-bot". But as soon as I stick a pillow on my lap he comes running over saying "boobieboobieboobieboobieboobie".

pollypots2 Mon 15-Jan-07 21:53:37

Belgian bun - totally agree with you being p*ed off in they tell you it's fresh and you're paying 900 notes. Responding more to the terrible hatred of ANGEL DELIGHT!

ELF1981 Mon 15-Jan-07 21:53:26

(What is it with the giggling when b/feeding? What do they find amusing?!)

morningpaper Mon 15-Jan-07 21:52:17

Actually dd got v. distressed before her nap today because she was eating ice-cream and her hands were "COLD. OW. COLD!!!!!!!!"

When I lay on the bed with her she just shoved a hand on each breast and fell asleep without feeding! I was merely a source of heat.


Anyway back to the Smash

Cappuccino Mon 15-Jan-07 21:51:57

I haven't been able to squirt milk ever let alone at 2 yrs

my boobs are very repressed

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