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Angel delight!! Oh bl**dy hell!

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corblimeymadam Fri 12-Jan-07 18:10:12

Message withdrawn

fluffyanimal Fri 23-Feb-07 11:39:46

Do you know that the sausage roll and chicken korma weren't made on site? Both could be fine if made from fresh.

gnu Thu 22-Feb-07 15:54:36

No, it appeared to be one that the slattern sitting with her had found on the floor. DD looked a little bemused by it but I was a little concerned when we got home that she seemed to be sucking her own tongue iyswim.

We actually did give her a dummy for the first 3 months or so as she desperately needed to get rid of tension when going down for naps. She dropped it pretty much on her own during a cold when she was congested and never had it back. Not sure I want it reintroduced now!

belgo Thu 22-Feb-07 15:50:22

not her own dummy I presume?

gnu Thu 22-Feb-07 15:49:49

Wasn't too happy to find 10 month dd having had sausage roll and chicken korma as her two meals yesterday at nursery. Whatever the delights to adults of the best pureed Ginsters and Vesta products, I'm not sure I want her having them just yet!

Also picked her up yesterday and found her with a dummy in her mouth

williamsmummy Thu 22-Feb-07 09:40:18

HA ! youre worried about angel delight, how about instant smash potato as a first weaning food?!!!!!
I was horrifed!! whats wrong with a micowaved jacket potato ????
total madness , no wonder the babies were sooooo thirsty!!!

DizzyBint Mon 05-Feb-07 12:26:53

lovelylou- you have a duty of care to those children. you really must think very hard about reporting what's going on.

fluffyanimal Mon 05-Feb-07 12:23:34

Imay be wrong but if you are not intending to go back to work there, you won't get anything more than statutory maternity pay from them.

So blow the whistle now.

nurseryvoice Sun 04-Feb-07 09:24:46

ring ofsted.sooner rather than later..

lovelylou Sat 03-Feb-07 17:33:22

We don't have staff meetings at the nursery i work at nurseryvoice. Me and a friend have brought other issues up that we weren't happy with (children being fed far too fast so that they don't have time to swallow before next spoonful shoved in) but nothing was done about it. Our opinions are not valued they would rather we just ignored these issues.
The girl in charge of my room does not even know how to talk to children. The other week we were talking and she said if shehad children and they had a severe allergy to her cat she would rather get rid of her child than the cat and she was'nt joking.
The place is a hell hole and i cannot wait to leave.

nurseryvoice Sat 03-Feb-07 13:53:03

so sorry you are having bad experiences (especially in your condition)
i can reassure you that there are some excellent nurseries out there who put the children's needs first.
could you raise the issue at the next staff meeting and ask the staff for suggestions for healthy eating, you could say something like " because if would be awful if anyone complained to ofsted" come on, be brave, you are in the strongest position in your career (because you are pregnant)!!!they will not sack you so you can do no harm by bringing this up.
let us know how you get on...

lovelylou Fri 02-Feb-07 11:56:38

Have complained in other nurseries I have worked at but have to say find management at this nursery very unapproachable. just moved back up north and i have to say i found nurseries in london had much more approachable management. hate the place i work at now but am pregnant and need my maternity leave and pay. wont be going back after this baby. They have just offered my daughter a place as my childminder left me for a new job but i said no, i would do anything rather than send her there

nurseryvoice Fri 02-Feb-07 11:18:44

but that is down to bad management
ive said it before and i'll say it again
there are no bad nurseries just bad managers!

and bye the way did you every complain and what was done about your complaint

lovelylou Fri 02-Feb-07 10:50:51

Even if you were given a menu it can be very differen to what you would expect. I have worked in nurseries for eight years. the other day the menu said vegetable stew, in reality the children wetre given a bowl full of tinned carrots mixed with frozen peas and sweetcorn. Nurseries can make food sound so much nicer than it actually is

fluffyanimal Sun 21-Jan-07 10:23:48

Aint nothing wrong with fish fingers!

Now Findus Crispy Pancakes <drrrroooollll> loved them but probably terribly bad for you!

sallyb Fri 19-Jan-07 19:23:36

Great meal that my twins love is 'sticky chicken'. Stirfry some garlic and chicken strips until sealed. Then pour over a mix of light, reduced salt soy sauce, runny honey and a splash of fresh orange juice. Allow to cook, stiring occasionally until the sauce is dark and sticky. Serve with boiled potatoes or mash, and mix of vegetables. Really nice for yourselves for lunch too but stop cooking a little earlier so sauce is runny and serve with rocket and watercress with sauce drizzles over and orange segments thrown in. Very tasty!

I understand about the Angel Delight thing and have personally never given it to my two but admit to having loved it as a kid in the 1970s along with Smash, Findus Crispy Pancakes and Fish Fingers.

I was school sports captain and top of my year so didn't affect me too drastically and I'm still alive today to tell the tale.

As far as I am concerned if they have a healthy diet at home the odd packet of chocolate button and even a custard cream isn't going to kill them.

Tell nursery that they are only allowed fruit or yogurt for puddings. I am a SAHM and they still only have fruit or yogurt bfor pudding at 3 years old. We don't eat puddings, only fruit and so I have never really considered making any.

nurseryvoice Thu 18-Jan-07 18:19:58

oh and thanks for menu ideas, we actually provide all those you suggested though.
so any more ideas greatfully appreciated.

nurseryvoice Thu 18-Jan-07 18:18:14

no, no custard creams,,,,
its funny really, when i first started the nursery the food wasnt as good as it is now.
i think it was the staff who needed educating
as they were always moaning at me to give the children something theyd like, eg chips or fishfingers, but i stuck to my guns and am really pleased with the way we offer a lovely menu. as i said though i am always looking for improvement and the puddings are next on my list to improve. (parents and ofsted expect a pudding, so that is why they are given one. myself, i never eat puddings.

CountTo10 Wed 17-Jan-07 20:31:14

The nursery ds attends provides full menu plans at the beginning of each week so you can see exactly what they eat, snacks and all and they have a note of what and how much they've eaten. The majority of the food is freshly prepared - I'm quite cure they don't stand their blanching and skinning their own tomatoes though!!!! The kids even sometimes get to be involved in making their own food - so fresh fruit salad or pizzas that kind of thing so they are involved in the process and can see where their food comes from. Or maybe that's the chefs day off, I don't know . There have been points when ds was younger where I have said I didn't want certain foods given which they stuck to. There are the occasions where they are given fairy cakes as a snack or the odd chocolate button - and even a bowl of angel delight but the diet is balanced and varied which for me is the most important thing. They get a good proportion of their 5 a day and parents are welcome to suggest new meal ideas etc. Every nursery should be looking to manage the childs care with the parent so you should talk to your nursery manager about your concerns and get some idea of what's going on. Its not just about how much money you're paying a month its about the fact that you are placing your child in someone else's care and you are expecting certain standards to be maintained in your absence.

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 17-Jan-07 20:18:43

Fruit crumbles.
fruit salad
Cheese and biscuits/crackers
Bananas and custard
Tapioca - with a spoon of fruit compote - YES it can be lovely if done properly

DizzyBint Wed 17-Jan-07 20:14:15

my nursery thought i was rather odd when i was discussing blw with them, dd started this week. they're ok with it, she has toddler food rather than baby food. but the bit they couldn't get their heads round was when they were saying what puddings she'd be having (all sloppy, needing spoonfeeding) i said oh just give her some fruit instead. they seemed to think i was cruel, forcing her to feed herself and that meaning she couldn't have puddings. how i laughed. poor kid.

pointydog Wed 17-Jan-07 20:08:54

I was going to say that as well, dizzy! Knew you'd get picked up on that nursery

DizzyBint Wed 17-Jan-07 19:23:59

what about fruit being the pudding rather than coming after pudding? at home dd's 'pudding' is fruit.

pointydog Wed 17-Jan-07 19:21:53

don't tell me you give them custard creams

nurseryvoice Wed 17-Jan-07 19:10:54

mmmmm i remember butterscotch angel delight, havent had it in years.
at my nursery i personally oversee the cooking of food by our cook. there is no processed food (apart from once a week when we buy frozen fish cakes) as we just cant seem to make them right (any recipies anyone)

everything else home cooked. eg pizzas, lasagnes, pasta dishes, casseroles, all served with at least 2 fresh vegetables, no tins....
puddings are usually yoghurts or carrot cake, ice cream etc.
fruit is ALWAYS served after pudding.
fruit is also available at the 2 snack times 10am and 2 pm.
has anyone got any pudding ideas?
i am very fussy about food (vegetarian) so i know the importance of a healthy diet.
however once a day the children are allowed a biscuit as part of their diet.

smeeinit Tue 16-Jan-07 15:12:57

yeah but smash aloha......ewwwwwww!!
my point wasnt really what it tasted like but rather that the nursery in question was calling it veg/cheese and potato pie!!!

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