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Part time in Clapham/Balham /Wandsworth

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skiwear Thu 11-Jan-07 23:28:21

Am considering sending my LO part time (eg 9-1 or 9-3 ish) for a couple of days a week. Can anyone recommend places where they might do this and might have space (ideally not too expensive).
Thanks in advance

TheBlonde Fri 12-Jan-07 18:03:07

How old is your LO?

The council CIS can send you a list of sessional care nurseries

skiwear Fri 12-Jan-07 22:03:58

Hi Thanks I can't really understand their list do I want a nursery, sessional day care playgroup or what? Most of the stuff I've had through so far seems to be from mini schools they want them there every day, wear smocks and lots about how much they will learn. I want a chance for her to play with new kids and a chance for me to go for a swim and have a haircut! Thought someone might have an idea where would do this.

skiwear Fri 12-Jan-07 22:09:29

Should read properly will look again at sessional nurseries. Oh and she is 2

TheBlonde Fri 12-Jan-07 22:10:47

How old is your child?

You can do a search on here

For the over 2/3's you can use sessional care where they do a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon
Full day care nurseries will also do part-time places

TheBlonde Fri 12-Jan-07 22:12:08


lots of the sessional ones take them from 2.5 and up
beware some have waiting lists

abbevillemum Fri 12-Jan-07 22:14:59

My DD goes to Elms Park Nursery - a montessori in Clapham. Certainly not the cheapest but you can do a minimum of two half days a weeks. This certainly would give time for a haircut....

skiwear Fri 12-Jan-07 22:25:57

Hi abbeville Mum saw your name last week and thought "I bet I know where she lives!". Hi Blonde too will have another look and get on the phone.

skiwear Fri 12-Jan-07 22:27:15

In 2.5 days I could probab. fit in a swim too would need to watch our though or will have to go jogging etc to justify it.

TheBlonde Fri 12-Jan-07 22:30:54

I have signed my nearly 2 yo up for April but I'm looking for a spot closer to home for Sept so I'll be calling some other places next week

Location is key for me (I have rejected the nearest place though as they fail to keep the door to the street shut!)

skiwear Fri 12-Jan-07 22:39:34

Guess you can't recommend it yet then! Will look out for you posting "my nursery nightmare" or "my new nursery is so fab I'm so lucky" in a couple of months. Bit about the door!

mummyno1 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:36:41

You could try Abacu Nursery School in Balham, my child attends the branch in streatham and is doing exceptionally well. I beleive they follow similar priciples and practices. Great thing about them is that they offer lots of additional activites at no extra cost, my child does drama 3 times a week music and dance is also included and they are taught by professional teachers as the music teacher also teaches at my nephews primary school in balham (Henry Cavendish). I visited the Balham branch in Novemeber when they held an informal parents evening for both branches. The outdoor gate could do with painting but the indoor facilities are excellent, its very clean and welcoming. I was very impressed.

bossykate Thu 22-Feb-07 14:39:00

my dd also goes to elm park nursery in clapham - i have recommended to many people.

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