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Nurseries in Wimbledon: Dicky Birds x Butterflies

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pdonegan Tue 12-Apr-16 22:38:38

Hi mums,
We visited some nurseries (Dicky Birds, Butterflies, Dee's and Bright Horizon's) and we are in between Dicky Birds and Butterflies. My husband visited Butterflies and didn't visit the others and I haven't visited Butterflies, and of course, he is suggesting Butterflies (a little bit cheaper and he said they seem quite good and by my description to be like Dicky Birds) and I really liked Dicky Birds. However I do prefer the hours of Butterflies (until 6:30) since I work in the City of London until 5pm. Can anyone help? We are only now moving to Wimbledon. If I leave at 5pm will it be stressful to get to the nursery by 6pm?
Thank you so much!

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