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Moving nursery for convenience

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Mummynextdoor Fri 01-Apr-16 22:01:35

My DS (4) and DD (1) both attend a lovely small nursery. My DS started when he was 6 months old and has been really happy there. It was a nursery between home and work at the time (about half way between the two). My daughter has been there about 6 months now and is also very happy. I love the staff and it has a great family atmosphere - my sons seems to have learnt so much whilst he has been there and my daughter really seems to be developing too. I have no concerns about the nursery at all. At the start of the year I moved jobs and my new office is the opposite way to the nursery. I've still been undertaking the nursery drop offs but it adds about 40 - 50 minutes to the journey compared to if I went straight to work as I have to battle through traffic to nursery and then through other traffic to the office. My husband picks them up as otherwise I would have the same in the evening and might not make it in time (he is a self employed plumber).

My son starts school in September and I expect will go the nearest local school which is 10 minutes from home in the direction of my work. He'll need dropping off at 8.30 and I will still be able to get to work on time. If my daughter was to stay at the current nursery I would either have to set off very early to drop daughter off and then go back on myself to drop off my son son or my DH would need to drop her off (and probably pick her up - which he did say he would do - though it would be a pain if he was working in different parts of the city).

There is a nursery down the road from work. I have been to look around and it seems nice enough - though only two rooms (0 -2) and (2-4) as oppose to 3 (0-18 months), (18 months -3) (3-4). It provides breakfast as well as lunch and tea. It also opens slightly longer than the current nursery so I could do drop offs and pick ups if necessary. It works out about £160 more per month (though as I say includes breakfast and tea) - though slightly less flexible - they have to be in a minimum of 6 hours each day and cannot be dropped off later than 9am - though day to day that shouldn't be a problem.

Am I wrong to put convenience above a nursery where my DD is settled and happy and which is doable?

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HSMMaCM Sat 02-Apr-16 09:31:51

How about a nursery near home / school and then whoever is doing the school run can do nursery too. It also doesn't matter then if you change jobs within the next 4 years. It certainly doesn't seem to make sense to do the journey you're doing at the moment.

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