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Ealing Nurseries?

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main789 Fri 25-Mar-16 07:31:34

Happy Easter Weekend, everyone!

We are moving to Ealing and currently looking into nurseries. So far we have seen Grange Montessori, Treetops 2A/B (Happy Child), Jumpers, and are seeing a few more next week. Any one that is particularly good or that should be avoided?

Grange Montessori looks fabulous as you walk around - much more spacious than the othet ones, large garden, natural light, etc. However, the online reviews and the ofsted reports are pretty concerning: should we avoid it? Concerns about safety and staff qualification - hard for to get any worse..

Treetops on the other hand seems quite small with very little natural light or play area for children; does that get compensated by very good staff? Online reviews are better and ofsted says Good?

It's quite strange that Ealing is supposed to be an excellent place to raise kids, and yet nurseries are Good at best..

Any help would be much appreciated!

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sophieboris Wed 30-Mar-16 11:39:11

I'm from Ealing but haven't looked into nurseries yet (bit early) would be keen to get some info on this though! smile

Mazza78 Thu 21-Apr-16 21:27:06

Hi there! I'd love to hear how you are both getting on as I'm in a similar situation. Our little one will be 20 months when we move to Northfields but I've been a bit disappointed by the nurseries I've seen so far (Ealing Green and the Little School in Brentford). I'm visiting the Grange Montessori tomorrow (looks very expensive!) but also concerned about their Ofsted report...! Unfortunately Little Angels is full but gets good reviews. Have you managed to find somewhere you like Main789?

Mazza78 Fri 22-Apr-16 18:21:06

How is your search going Main789? I visited the Grange today and agree the space looks great. My friend's little boy is in the baby room and they've been very happy with the nursery.

DTDT Tue 09-Aug-16 10:44:28

Hello, I've seen lots of nurseries in Ealing since moving here last March, Grange, Treetops, Happy Child, Jumpers etc, but found one called Little Stars in North Ealing. It's gorgeous, very new, only a year old but the inside space is large (good for Winter) and the outside space is good too, with both grass and cement. Run by two lovely ex-teachers, I had a good feel about it so I'm planning on sending my 2yo there in September. Just thought I'd recommend it as I liked it!
D smile

user1488368216 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:56:03

Hello all, I did the rounds of visiting all the nurseries and settle for Grange Montessori Nursery my little girl started started just Christmas and she is loving it.The staff are great and last nite we had our first parents evening. She has progressed so much in such a short time. After reading the reviews on google and here I wasn't sure but the place felt right and staff were really good. By the way they have GOOD for their ofsted. Google reviews are old. Go and visit and judge for your self.

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