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Have you ever taken your child out of nursery to go to a childminder?

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Yvemen Mon 29-Feb-16 23:22:45

Hey Guys,

After a bit of advice plus would love to hear of your experiences really..

My LG has gone to nursery since 8 months and LOVES it. She's now 18 months.

My OH and I work full time, he travels a lot with his new job, and my new job will require me to probably be in the office for longer hours due to the demands of the role. This means we are really going to struggle picking up our daughter for 6pm. However I'm struggling to find a babysitter/childminder who could help to do nursery pick ups!

I'm having to consider even though I really don't want to, pulling her out of nursery and putting her with a childminder full time as they can offer more flexibility regarding times than nurseries.

Can any of you tell me if you have had a similar experience or could share any useful advice with me?

(P.S, I am in no way bashing Childminders, I am sure they are also great, I am just a little anxious about pulling my LG put of the nursery she loves so much)

MattDillonsPants Tue 01-Mar-16 00:07:51

Oh my friend did for similar reasons. She found a great childminder and a few months down the line, her DD LOVED it there just like she'd loved nursery.

Change is inevitable in all our's just one of those things. It's natural to worry as a parent when we need to make these changes...I had to remove my DDs from their beloved school...but its fine now...they love their new school...

Yvemen Tue 01-Mar-16 00:37:35

Hey MattDillonsPants

You are right, I accept change for myself all the time. I shouldn't be afraid to bring a bit of change to her too...I just hope she responds well.

Thanks for telling me about your friend too, this makes me feel alot better!

MattDillonsPants Tue 01-Mar-16 04:50:38

She will be fine because if she loves where she is now, then she has the capacity to love socialising. x

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