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Autism Speech and Language Therap

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emj24 Tue 23-Feb-16 14:33:21

I don't know if I've posted this is the right place??
I'm a mum of a 3 year old with Autism. I wwas wondering what group you fellow mums accessed or what therapies helped. I'm open to anything! I know that it needs to be mainly Speech and Language Therapy and social stuff but I would like it to be a group so that he can have peer to peer interaction before he starts school. His communication is very delayed and I'd like to work on somethings with him like PECS and Makaton (?) but I just wanted to know if there were any good therapy groups about that we could go to. Cost wouldn't really be an issue and I'd travel pretty much countrywide (England, Wales)

I also have been looking up Lego Therapy because I think this would suit him perfectly and have been trying to do Intensive Interaction with him. Some guidance and support for the both of us would be great.

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