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Being called to pick up early...

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toni74 Wed 10-Feb-16 18:36:27

Dc is 2 and has been in nursery for several months.

Over the last two weeks we have been called to come and collect our child as he's either not settling or crying. On the first occasion he ran in, off to play and then I was called a couple of hours later to come pick him up (at the time I had a lot going on so didn't really question it).

I have two questions, should we really be called to go and pick him up as he's not settled (he's not sick) I would have thought that the nursery should try and settle him and secondly when we have paid additional fees for after school club should we still be expected to pay.

When he has been sick and off, Ive never questioned the fees but on these occasions do, as it's the nursery that are effectively sending him home. If I'm bu, let me know or if anyone has any ideas for dealing with this please let me know.

Ps I will go over their fees/notes again just in case it's mentioned but would appreciate some feedback ...

Littlefish Wed 10-Feb-16 21:33:09

If a child is very upset, and we have tried everything to comfort/distract them, but they are still crying after a reasonable amount of time (we would try for up to 45 minutes ish), then I think it's appropriate to phone the parents to discuss what to do next.

It's not in anyone's interest to have a child at nursery who is distressed by being there.

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