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Advice please - to switch nurseries or not...

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Queazy Thu 21-Jan-16 12:42:58


My dd has been at a childminders since she was a year old. We then moved her to 50:50 with a local nursery when she was 2yrs. She goes two days a week, is pretty well settled and it's a lovely place that recently got Ofsted Outstanding. I've had her on the waiting list for my work nursery since I started a year ago, which would be half the price and at my place of work. They've just called to say they have space for her.

The issue is...I didn't get good vibes from the nursery. It's satisfactory from Ofsted but I found it overcrowded. Further thing to consider is we have another baby now and in a year he will need to go in work nursery for at least part of the week, otherwise I can't afford to return to work. The baby bit there is less crowded, and feel a bit happier about that.

So sorry for such a long post. I'm really torn. We'd need to take at least two days now. Dd is three days in childcare while on maternity leave (2 days nursery, 1 day childminder). She's settling ok with new baby but a new nursery could freak her out. If I don't do it, I'll have two children in different nurseries next year. A potential logistical nightmare.

Any thoughts if any of that made sense?!?!

Thanks again

Quoteunquote Thu 21-Jan-16 13:12:32

Honestly she is happy and settled where she is, it's a good place you already know that, for the relatively short time left in child care, the saving made is not worth the stress risk.

And trust your feelings,

A nursery chosen with connivance as it's priorty by all of it's clients as their first concern is unlikely to have built up rounded enterprise, as nursery who's parents are determined about excellence.

Queazy Tue 26-Jan-16 11:48:14

Bump. Just in case anyone has any advice, thanks for previous posters thoughts too xx

CrushedVelvet Tue 26-Jan-16 12:19:02

Having had a bad experience with one nursery with DS (then 2.5), I'd say leave the older one where you know she's settled and happy. Within a year or two she'll be off to school. Meanwhile, the potential logistical problems of 2 different pickups will be greatly reduced if the little one is right near your work.

butttons Tue 02-Feb-16 14:26:52

If it was my child I'd leave her at the nursery where she is settled and happy, if you can afford to. Can you register your younger child at the work nursery now to ensure that he has a place?

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