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Can I change my dd nursery will the funding go with her?

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Danfra06 Wed 13-Jan-16 13:34:10

My daughter is 2 and we are currently getting 15 hours free under Birmingham council but she's not getting on well. We live on the border of Solihull council and I've found a nursery I like in Solihull. Would I be able to move her? And how would I go about doing it? Thanks

Littlefish Wed 13-Jan-16 21:05:16

You need to speak to the Local Authority 2 year old funding team. In the local authority where I work, once we have gone past "headcount week" which is next week, parents can no longer move their funding unless they move out of the area, or can prove that the previous nursery can no longer meet their child's needs.

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