Current review needed: Asquith Putney Pre-School & Day Nursery

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jcbub Thu 07-Jan-16 13:34:03

I am currently looking for childcare for my DD this April when I return to work and considering the Asquith Putney Pre-School & Day Nursery and going to their open day, however the only reviews I can find for them online are quite out of date (2010) and a bit negative. Their OFSTED review is also very old (2006).
I am hoping that since then things have improved, so am seeking other families that either use them now or who have used them in the last two years, who can give a more current review.
While their prospectus is very appealing and location and opening times good for us, I would appreciate a "real" view of the nursery from current customers.
Any other reviews of other childcare's or nurseries in the area also welcome.

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