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Nursery not advising other parents about head lice. Really pissed off.

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Totallyoutoforder Wed 30-Dec-15 21:34:59

I am utterly pissed off with my nursery because they do not advise other parents about cases of head lice. I am not asking for name of infected child. I just want a poster advising parents to check their child's head.
DD has been infected 5 times over 3 months. Every time I kept her home to treat her thoroughly, advised nursery, asked for her bedsheets at naptime to be washed before I sent her back with shorter hair and plaits... She had a nasty cold early Dec, so I kept her home to recover, every single day I combed her hair to make sure there was none, she was clear when I sent her back on 21st and 22nd Dec, on 24th, I combed again and found 6 lice, 2 days at nursery and she is infected again.
I can't understand why nursery does not say anything. It is not a shameful event, we know they prefer clean hair, and anyone can be infected, again Idon't ask them to name anyone.
What can I do re nursery ? I have talked to management, carers so many times. I approached a few parents I know but I don't know that many. What else can I do ? Treating DD of course and my whole family too, vacuuming the sofa, washing beddings/hats/towels/hoodies every time, my house has never been that clean and smells of lavender. But if the source is not treated, it will be back again and again.
Please tell me I have a legal way to coerce nursery to advise parents.

LIZS Wed 30-Dec-15 21:42:12

The simple answer is no you don't and schools won't differ. Unless there is a complete break and every child and adult is clear on return you will not stop them spreading in that environment. Presumably some have siblings at school or go to other groups so they will soon do the rounds again.

Wolfiefan Wed 30-Dec-15 21:44:49

Trouble is some parents don't check.
DD now 6. We had similar at school. Hair up. Spray on gel then repellant.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 30-Dec-15 21:45:01

Annoying as it is, it really is your responsibility to check your childs hair regardless of whether lice are going about the nursery or not.

Constant combing with a nitty gritty is all you can do, sending letters out will make no difference to the parents that don't notice/care/check anyway sadly.

Wolfiefan Wed 30-Dec-15 21:46:15

Oh yes. We have the Friday night nit check here! wink

Totallyoutoforder Wed 30-Dec-15 21:49:18

Thanks Lizs. Not what I wanted to hear. DD goes to another activity group and another child of the nursery attends that group too. I advised the head of the playgroup and she immediately advised other parents. I am at a loss why nursery won't say anything while in the past, they did (several of my children have been to this nursery previously) and other schoold do act. WHY ?

insancerre Thu 31-Dec-15 07:23:13

I manage a nursery and assume parents check their children's hair as part of a regular routine
I have asked them to in newsletters
A poster would be ineffective. It would be up permanently and nobody would take any notice of it.
I would take exception at being coerced to do anything by a parent. Its very patronising to assume you know better
Sadly, there are a few parents who never check or treat their child's hair. A poster won't make any difference to them.
The parents who would take notice are already checking hair so it won't make any difference either
Also, I don't want the first thing visitors see, when they arrive at the nursery, to be a sign saying we have headlice! It doesn't create a great first impression

CharmingChampignon Thu 31-Dec-15 08:00:49

The problem is that the parents who would respond to a poster will already checking their children and those that don't regularly check will pay zero attention to the poster anyway. It would be fairly pointless.

Very regular combing is the only answer I'm afraid. It's worked for us and I never use treatments or wash everything.

SocksRock Thu 31-Dec-15 08:11:22

I have 2 children at school and one in preschool. Only way to keep them half clear is 5 minutes each every morning with the nitty gritty, the girls have their hair up and hairsprayd for school and my sons hair is cut short every 6 weeks. Some parents just do not check, so we just have to grin and comb.

mrsjskelton Thu 31-Dec-15 08:25:54

As a Year 1 teacher I go through the same frustration - it's in the school's/nursery's best interest to have a lice free environment, don't assume they don't care because believe me, they'll be worried about catching it themselves! Sadly it's always the same parents who check time and time again and the same parents who don't. It only takes one child to reinfect the rest. Lice hate tea tree so spray/comb some through with each wash or use a shampoo with tea tree in.

Nyancat Thu 31-Dec-15 08:26:58

At dc nursery and preschool they treat the same as any other illness and put a poster on the door of the appropriate room just saying that there has been a case of lice or chicken pox or d&v, not too much to ask for I don't think and then you know to do an extra check.

Totallyoutoforder Thu 31-Dec-15 10:06:22

I am taking full responsibility with combing everyday and washing if I find any alive louse or nit.
I am just frustrated that collectivities like school and nurseries are not taking responsibility. As Nyancat said, it does not take a lot to post a sign. i can understand Insancerre that publicity is not great, then a simple line in the weekly newsletter nursery sends out would be helpful too. Of course, there are parents who check and those who don't, but if nobody says a word, nothing gets done and contamination will only spread worse and worse.
Thank you everyone. I feel better, rant is over. I will follow advice and comb and comb and comb. But I will also carry on talking to nursery and parents. Older DC's schools always keep us informed and Saturday playgroup takes actions, it is not tooo dark, there is hope !

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