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3year old refusing to go into playschool nicely

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LR2012 Tue 15-Dec-15 13:23:43


My 3.5yr old started playschool in September and when there, he loves it. He has lots of friends, likes his teachers and on the day he doesn't go, he wants to go and misses his friends.

The problem is when it comes to going into the school - he's gone leave the house, fine playing with the other kids in playground but as soon as they open the doors - he watches my face and backs away. I have to try to seem not bothered and he'll go in the door, then won't take his coat off etc etc. I'm sure it's all to do with getting my attention rather than not liking school but I'm really struggling to look nonchalant and he knows it. Has anyone got any suggestions? I rather not say "let's go home" because he might just call my bluff and it becomes just an empty threat...? Thx in advance...

christinarossetti Tue 15-Dec-15 13:34:06

Some children find transitions very difficult - it's not to do with whether they like or dislike what they're going to, it's just the change.

He's also very young and it's normal and healthy for children of that age to be very attached to their primary carer.

If he goes in and just needs a bit of help settling then, honestly, you have nothing to 'do' anything about.

You could try saying that you understand that it can be difficult to go somewhere without you mum/to go to nursery, to validate his feelings, but this sounds very, very normal and nothing to worry about to me.

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