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Vivienne2015 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:24:47

Sorry for the long post. Although there have been some issues, I feel that my DS is and has been generally well cared for on a day to day basis at his nursery by the core staff. Over the couple of years that DS has been in nursery, I have talked to them supportively (for risk of offending them) about various things such as nappy changing, potty training – some issues have been minor and I have overlooked, and some have a little more serious which I have raised.

I feel that it is perfectly natural for parents to raise any issues or engage in dialogue – comments, observations, suggestions, feedback – either positive, constructive or even neutral, and that it makes perfect sense for nurseries to work in partnership with parents. However, this does not seem to be the case with the management of this nursery. They see feedback as a ‘problems’ and ‘complaints’. They say that they welcome feedback and comments – it seems like they readily accept the positive but are beyond over defensive when receiving anything they see as negative – to the point where they class some reasonable comments (i.e. parent concern re. staff turnover) as disrespectful which I have found shocking. I have come realise that they do not want parents talking, and the nursery have made an idiotic baseless threat about this. It seems that I have hit a nerve with commenting on the current high staff turnover and the regular new unfamiliar staff faces, and they have over reacted to an astonishing degree – so much so that the way in which they have spoken to me has enlightened me to as to why the staff are leaving and why they are finding it hard to recruit and retain – very controlling and pressurising/intimidating management, very one-sided communication and points of view, disregard any responsibility for any development areas.

The nursery FAILED their Ofsted inspection this year. I was wary but prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt when they protested that the inspection was very unfair on them, and I supported them. The manager kept their job despite the failings which I believe is unheard of. They were re-inspected and received a ‘good’ rating. But recently my confidence and trust in the management of this nursery has been knocked, and any benefit of doubt that I gave the management is lost because of their attitude and management of parental dialogue. I have put my DS on a waiting list for another nursery but I do not know when this will become available, so for the time being I am stuck with him remaining at his nursery and it is like a ‘marriage of convenience’ until I can move him if necessary. It is extremely frustrating for me - there seems to be a lack of choice for nurseries in my area as I remained tied as a working parent to choosing a nursery dependent on location. I do not want to disrupt my DS but I will do so if needs be; the nursery staff are good but the management is bad; they are currently experiencing high staff turnover in a particular room with no room leader and lots of coming and going of work experience, student trainees etc. My DS has recently moved up a room where there are some very good staff so that is some comfort. I am absolutely prepared to pay more for my DS nursery but a better nursery in my immediate area simply does not exist or not available at the moment and I have to wait on a waiting list. Very frustrated.

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kimlo Fri 04-Dec-15 13:30:00

How old is ds? Could you use a childminder, or if you want some time in a nursery like setting combine a childminder with a school nursery or playgroup?

Vivienne2015 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:36:55

Yes, this is one of the options I will look at. I would prefer him to be in a nursery-like setting but I don't rule out a childminder. I am even considering dropping the days I work so that I can drop his time at nursery.

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TiggyD Sat 05-Dec-15 13:00:40

There are very few great nurseries about, and a lots of frankly crap ones. I would always recommend leaving a nursery that failed.

Tftpoo Sat 05-Dec-15 16:32:36

This sounds exactly like my nursery - failed ofsted, protested about unfair inspection then 'good' at re-inspection - in fact I'm wondering if it's the same nursery? I've been pretty happy with them up to now, baby room was great, 1-2's room has been pretty good but I'm quite nervous about them moving into the next room after Xmas as they seem to have a higher turnover of staff in that room. I know parents of older ones have been grumbling recently so I'm thinking of looking for somewhere else. It's such a hard decision though isn't it? I don't want to risk unsettling DC and the nursery location is perfect for work but there are other alternatives that I will look in to. Good luck with your search.

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