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scootergirlitaly Mon 30-Nov-15 17:32:00

Hi all ,
my 3year old daughter currently goes to a private nursery for 2.5 days a week and we get the 12.1277 hours a week of this free . We will be moving to a different council area under Richmond , but plan to keep her at the same nursery as near my work in Wandsworth and to not confuse her too much as quite shy. I got the declaration form for our first term I'm confused , does this mean we won't be entitled to free entitlement as the nursery will come under a different councils area ? anyone had this issue arise .And if i did swap nursery it says she won't get a terms free nursery entitlement or am i reading this wrong is this only of we moved mid term .thanks

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scootergirlitaly Mon 30-Nov-15 17:37:19

We are moving to parkside area of East sheen in December/January . I will have a 3.5 year old any other new mums moving to the area or currently live there fancy a meet up for a coffee, as Iwon't know anyone local ?
Any advice on nurseries ? we currently pay at a private nursery in Battersea and not to sure to keep her there or move to a local one in East sheen . thanks

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