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Help, please! Dilemma!

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RigginsCanRead Sun 22-Nov-15 18:23:41

My nearly 3 year old dd has been sick on 2 car journeys over the weekend. She has a bit of a chesty cough and I'm thinking that the accumulated phlegm combined with the car's movement has caused her to be sick. She is fine in herself, no temp, eating & drinking fine, normal nappies and running around chatty as ever. Should I keep her off nursery tomorrow in case it is a bug or not? Please help me decide. I don't want to make anyone ill if it is a bug.

CityDweller Sun 22-Nov-15 18:52:48

My DD often got car sick at the tail end of a cold (as she refused to blow her nose and the phlegm built up), so I'd be inclined to think it was just car sickness and not a bug - especially as she is otherwise fine.

Chottie Sun 22-Nov-15 18:55:09

Please keep your DD home from nursery.

Someone sent their LO into my DGS nursery with a bug. DGS got it and passed it on to both parents and GPs. It was just awful.

RigginsCanRead Sun 22-Nov-15 19:33:41

Thank you both for replying - you have both summed up my thoughts exactly! Perhaps if she sleeps ok but then chottie that's what I'm afraid of. Urgh, I'm dithering...

jannier Mon 23-Nov-15 19:26:23

Its normal at this age to play vomit eat vomit play....they don't understand the feeling ill cycle and after you vomit you generally feel better for a while. There is a nasty bug going around at the moment which seems to only make you sick once but you can feel really bad, the older children really suffer. One of my charges was sick on Friday, went to a birthday party Saturday and the other party goers started being ill Sunday. If you feel a bit rough and then go in a car its going to make you more likely to be sick so unless travel sickness is established at other times you should not risk it, also mucus build up would clear the first time so they wouldn't be sick twice.

Littlefish Mon 23-Nov-15 22:23:49

Please keep her off nursery. We regularly have bugs going round which last much longer than they should because parents come up with all sorts of reasons why their child couldn't possibly have a bug e.g.

They drank their milk too quickly.
They jumped for too long on the trampoline.
The coughed as they were eating.
They ate too much fruit.
Their brother jumped on them.

I've been given all the above as excuses, all in the same week! There was quite obviously a bug going round but still some parents were very unhappy about us refusing to take their child in nursery.

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