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fee worries

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littlecharmer2016 Sun 22-Nov-15 09:18:28

Good morning ladies
just looking for a bit of advice,

I've been invited for a job interview for a full time job in a nursery (where I've always wanted to work)
the manager said there is spaces for my son (he's 3) to go to that nursery while I'm working which will be 8-6 Monday to Friday - the problem is its £40 a day for my son to go and I'd be paying £800 a month for him to go!

is there any help I can get towards nursery fees for being a full time working mum?

thanks X

BondJayneBond Sun 22-Nov-15 09:30:10

Childcare vouchers? They let you pay for childcare from pre-tax salary, so save you some money if your employer does them.

NickNacks Sun 22-Nov-15 09:30:10

Tax credits?
Childcare vouchers if your new employer does them?
I'm assuming his 15 hours Early education funding is included in the price quoted. If not ask the nursery about it.

BikeRunSki Sun 22-Nov-15 09:36:07

£40/day is normal full price round here. Ask about childcare vouchers - this will save you a bit in tax, but your employer has no obligation to provide them. Also, the term after your child is 3 he is eligible for 15 hrs a week funding in term time. Different nurseries have different ways of administering. Ours just knocks off the cost of 15 hrs a week, but it's not always that straightforward. I think you can do something with working tax credits too.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sat 05-Dec-15 10:23:51

Is there no discount. I can't imagine that you will be earning much more per month ?

kimlo Sat 05-Dec-15 12:26:22

I got a staff discount and when dd2 was 3 she got her grant funded hours, then claimed the childcare element of taxcredits on the rest.

How did the interview go?

LIZS Sat 05-Dec-15 12:30:38

If he's 3 he should get 15 hours "free". You need to ask how the nursery apply the funding. The employer may offer a voucher scheme which offsets tax on the value but the nursery needs to sign up to the provider.

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