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Muswell Hill Nurseries

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Cstyle Thu 05-Nov-15 12:19:21

We are currently moving to the Muswell Hill area. Rhodes Primary catchment area.
I'm looking at nurseries but I am lost. I need the free funding because I have twins. So I'm looking at either free funded nurseries for just 15 hours a week. Or a nursery that I can do two full days at a good price and then the free funded 3 hours a day for the remaining three days.
I visited the 345 pre-school on Pages Lane. Thought it was very sweet & friendly. A bit small but would like to see if anyone has any more information about it or if you could recommend any other nurseries/pre-schools.

Thanks in advanced! smile

EsmesBees Thu 05-Nov-15 12:35:05

This might not be close enough for you but Stonecroft Children's Centre has a reasonably priced nursery which has a good reputation. It's at the bottom of MH on Priory Road.

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