Help needed: Moving from New York to London

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bm2084 Tue 06-Oct-15 19:47:07

I will be moving in February 2016 to London, My son then will 2.5 years old. My husband and I will be working in Canary Wharf. Please suggest good neighborhoods around Canary Wharf with good pre school options. How expensive are the private schools? Do you think private schools are better? What are my options for my 2.5 years old? We will be renting, also suggest some nice and safe neighborhood.

Thank you everyone for helping in advance. I am very excited as well as nervous and I am glad I found this powerful group!

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Kinsman Thu 08-Oct-15 10:43:11

If it's a house you're after Blackheath and Greenwich and surrounding areas would be ideal (although expensive) as CW is within very easy commuting distance and Blackheath in particular has a real village feel to it. Lots of private school options although can't comment on costs. Good luck with the move!

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