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Nurseries in redhill /reigate

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Alewis1981 Tue 06-Oct-15 13:32:59


I am moving to to redhill/reigate in a few months and are looking for a nursery for my 2.5 year old. Any suggestions? He's at an asquiths nursery in London at the moment. Are the asquiths ones in earlswood/reigate any good? Any other suggestions?

Many thanks

Bailey76 Wed 21-Oct-15 23:59:33


I know the anxiety of finding the right nursery for your little ones only too well. My husband's work seems to take us all over the place and having moved in and out of Reigate & Nutfield 3 times over the past 7 years I've had to use 3 different nurseries in the area.

My first choice by a mile is the Reigate Asquith (on Holmesdale Rd). They were so nurturing and gentle with my youngest daughter in the baby room and her brother came forward in leaps and bounds in pre-school. Both of them loved it, and the staff would do whatever you asked when it came to special diets etc.The staff were always so patient and friendly, always full of energy running and playing with all the children.

2nd Choice was Tiddlywinks, very nice nursery, reminded me of Hogwarts, it always had a cosy feel. Just not quite upto Asquith standards.

My 3rd choice (and a poor 3rd) would have to be Nutfield Day nursery. I had such high hopes for this one as its a forest nursery voted in the top 10 in the country. However after 3 years, I realise this is largely due to the pressure parents are put under to login in to the voting site and give the nursery positive feedback when it comes to competition time. The forest element is good, but the staff leave a lot to be desired. The number of times I walked in to see children crying their eyes out with nobody comforting them or paying them attention. I was just relieved that my youngest son was independent and resilient enough not to need much care. A lot of parents had complaints about the nursery, but felt unable to say anything as they were working parents and this was their only viable childcare option. Overall, I would suggest you avoid this one if you possibly can.

Hope this helps!!

Alewis1981 Sun 25-Oct-15 14:16:26

Many thanks for this reply! I'll check out the Asquith's one! The one my son goes too at the mo, are fab so it will feel like a home from home. smile cheers!

dontyouknow Mon 26-Oct-15 12:05:04

We really like Tiddly Winks. Our children have been really happy there. They do a lot of different activities with the children and are outside a lot. They also do drop offs and pick ups from Earlswood Infant School if you want your child to go to school nursery sessions when they are 3. It is also handy for Earlswood station if you are commuting to London.

We looked round the Earlswood Asquith and it seemed fine, but we much preferred Tiddly Winks. The staff seemed more engaged with the children. Having said that, I know quite a few people who have children at the Asquith and haven't heard any real complaints.

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