Recommendations please! Affordable nursery Notting Hill / Lancaster Gate?

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violetlights Tue 29-Sep-15 15:59:34

I'm looking for a nursery place for my nearly three year old (three mornings max). I've been waiting until now because of the 15-hour funding thing, but I'm discovering this still leaves my nearest nurseries completely out of our price range.

Any recommendations for anywhere affordable (i.e. not paying more than £350 extra a month?) We live Lancaster Gate / Paddington area but happy to consider further afield.

I was under the impression private nurseries weren't supposed to charge top-up fees but spoke to the council and they explained this is standard practise in Westminster etc. I'm having trouble finding a list of state nurseries (which I guess would be cheap / free?) The only local state nursery I know I'm not mad about.

Also, (and I KNOW this is completely ridiculous), has anyone heard of a private nursery / preschool giving bursaries? My LO can read quite well (sight and all phonics including digraphs). Naturally, I am not interested in furthering his academic career at the age of two, (really, I'm not) but I'm trying to think of anything to make it more affordable. It's not a matter of urgency - he can always stay at home with me and the baby, but I just feel it'd be a shame for him to miss out on an nursery environment. And even one day a week would be a break for me.

Would be so grateful for any recommendations. Thank you! And sorry for the essay.

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