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Nursery staff ratios - is this right?

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Lilipot15 Mon 21-Sep-15 08:40:19

I am generally pretty happy with our nursery, and I think I have only started to notice this since start of Sept when staff seem to have changed around a bit.
There remain a few key people (for her) in my DD's room but they are not always there at drop off so I am looking to see who she is most familiar with.

My concern is that the 1:3 ratio for under 2s does not seem to be adhered to all the time - I see staff arriving after 8 when the majority of children start and although I haven't been able to stand and count it looks like more than 1:3 to me at drop off and collection.

I collect after lunch when the majority of children are asleep so I haven't worried about it too much, but at drop off there are often children needing cuddles, and I'm concerned that not all the staff are there.

Does anyone know if this is right? I know the staff often have a coffee when they arrive in the staff room. Is it that the ratios are okay as long as they are in the building? I want to know my facts before I raise it as my DD does seem happy there. I just want to be sure it is as safe as possible. I certainly wouldn't want to be a new nursery nurse at drop off with responsibility for more than 3 under 2s!

It doesn't seem like someone has just popped out of the room (I appreciate that) it seems like not all the staff have arrived yet.

deliveredby Mon 21-Sep-15 08:49:31

From what I can remember from my days as a key worker it's meant to be 1 to 3 ratio in the actual room. It didn't happen in our nursery either. I was often on my own in a morning with four under 6 month olds and a couple of 18 month olds and I hated it.

The older rooms used to join together until the later staff came in but babies room weren't allowed.

Lilipot15 Mon 21-Sep-15 08:55:31

Thanks. That sounds hard on you delivered.
It's particularly stood out as it's been new staff there first thing who my DD isn't as familiar with. And they seem very new and not as experienced and I would hope that they are being well supported by more experienced staff but it just doesn't feel quite right to me.
We're never there at the exact start of the normal day anyway, so it's not like we're doing early starts or anything.

FineAsWeAre Tue 10-Nov-15 14:50:02

The ratios are technically for staff on the premises, however, this needs to be reasonable and safe. For example, if there were 6 under 2's it would need 2 staff. One member of staff could nip to the toilet but not take her lunch break as it would be too long to leave someone on their own over ratio. It's not ideal but it is legal.

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