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Did your 3 year old find 5 sessions a week beneficial or too much?

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Stulbam Mon 31-Aug-15 10:40:25

DD will be ready to take 15 hours in January. I think she's ready in some ways (e.g. loves being around other kids), but with a choice of 5 afternoons or 5 mornings a week it feels like I'm suddenly sending her out full time. Am I right that it will feel a lot for a just turned three year old/ tire her out too much/ feel like she's got to go every single day etc. or have others just loved it and found it the right amount? In my mind two or three mornings would be better, but no local nurseries seem to offer that as an option.

horsewalksintoabar Mon 31-Aug-15 10:51:04

Good question. See how she goes. She may be absolutely fine. I have to say my 2 older kids just did terribly with full-time nursery to the point where I will either send my youngest privately 2-3 sessions a week or not at all. It just didn't work for either of my older kids. You'd think 3 hours a day wouldn't be a big deal. Ironically, both transferred into reception with total ease, not a tear in sight. But nursery... both kids cried from September to July. There was no love lost when they left and they both went to different nurseries, Ofsted Outstanding schools, etc. blah-dee-blah-dee-blah. I never quite put my finger on it as to why they were miserable other than the fact that I think nursery is all a bit Lord of the Flies-ish. I think I just have sensitive types who don't enjoy a swarm of 30 kids running around like maniacs. grin

MrsPear Mon 31-Aug-15 10:58:32

With both my two I started gradually. With ds1 he did 2 sessions then 3. In the second year he did the full 5. Ds2 has only just started and is on 2 at the moment and pre school have said they will let me know after Christmas / Easter if more sessions come available. Ds1 started one term before funding in September and ds2 two terms before after Easter.

I am controversial in that I am a sahp who admits to wanting time off ...

Thurlow Tue 01-Sep-15 16:12:10

I'd imagine that she will be tired and might find it a bit much for the first few weeks as she gets used to it. However, remember that a lot of 3yo's attend f/t nursery and they manage (I do mean that nicely though!)

DD changed at 3.5 from a homely CM to almost f/t nursery, with the teaching that goes along with it. The first few weeks she was absolutely bloody exhausted - but since then the change has been incredible. She's learning something new every day and she's like a little sponge at the moment.

I was worried when we changed that she might find it a bit too much but it has been exactly the right thing for her at the right time, and she was ready to start doing some learning. Hopefully your DD will find that too.

Rarity08 Tue 01-Sep-15 16:16:31

I found it better to have 2.5 days than 5 sessions. Is this an option?

ExBallerina Tue 01-Sep-15 16:24:02

This will be DD and me next week. I'm starting to have my doubts.confused

I'm trying to remind myself it's 3 hours out of 24. If it doesn't work out it's not mandatory.

Good luck to youflowers

chillybillybob Tue 15-Sep-15 18:55:47

Hi I work in a setting that only offers 5 days 3 hour sessions. It works really well.
It's good to get the children in a routine ready for school, they settle much easier as they are coming for a short time each day.

It the same staff and children each day so if they make friends their friend will be in the next day too. Where if the children do different sessions it can be upsetting if their new friend isn't in their next day.

Daffydil Tue 15-Sep-15 19:07:08

My just turned 3 DS is loving it. He was 3 in the middle of August. But he's not doing every day. He's doing 2.5 days instead. But it definitely seems right for him. But I know it wouldn't be for some of his friends.

Itsbloodyraining Tue 15-Sep-15 19:12:05

My dc wasn't quite three when he started preschool. He did five mornings and loved it. He needed to be out socialising and playing. I would definitely do mornings though as I find they're quite tired by the afternoon. They do lovely things like planting and growing vegetables, nature walks, visits from the fire service and dentist, so many activities on top of the standard classroom ones. I wouldn't think twice, but obviously all children are different and at drop offs there were children who cried for the whole year, despite having a great time.

elQuintoConyo Tue 15-Sep-15 19:56:39

I'm in Spain, so slightly different. But, my DS started full time 'school' (I suppose it is like reception? ) in the year he turned 3yo, he's the youngest in his class of 20. He cried for a week, then that was it. He hadn't been to nursery.

(School from year-they-turn-3 is free, obligatory schooling starts at 6yo).

Your child may love it, or hate it. flowers

RuffWearer Tue 15-Sep-15 19:59:17

I'd do fewer longer sessions if this is an option. My son does two 9 to 3 pre-school days (and then onto his childminder till I get home) and two days with his childminder, which is working well.

elQuintoConyo Tue 15-Sep-15 20:01:04

Some of my post got lost!

DS was 2.9 when he started, with some children almost a year older. He has settled very well, has friends, giggles and runs arpund a lot. He wasn't a huge fan of his teacher, but he started back yesterday and he likes his new teacher a lot - calls her 'Grandmother Maria' grin

Snossidge Tue 15-Sep-15 20:04:20

Mine did 3 days (2.5 funded and then we topped up to 3 days) 8.45-3.15.

Rainuntilseptember15 Sat 19-Sep-15 21:09:10

Do they have to attend all five sessions?

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 19-Sep-15 21:15:14

Mine was five three hours a day for five days. A nursery attached at a school so no option of full days. She was fine. Wr went for afternoons, as she no longer needed a PM nap, and besides now having a 6pm bedtime she is fine.

poocatcherchampion Sat 19-Sep-15 21:20:16

We chose against 5 mornings in a school based nursery as it felt way too schooly.

We chose a small nursery and 2 afternoons, which we have now upped to two full days. That is working really well.

Stitchosaurus Sat 19-Sep-15 21:24:19

My nearly 4-year-old does two mornings and one full day and I'm not planning on increasing it. He loves it but he is knackered!

Devonicity Sat 19-Sep-15 21:28:16

I started both mine at a Montessori preschool (taking 2-5 year olds) doing 3 mornings a week, and worked up to five mornings and one afternoon by the term before they left to go to Reception. I liked the flexibility to fit it around their needs and the fact it had much better ratios and was a much calmer and quieter environment than school nursery. Would something like that be an option for you, OP?

poocatcherchampion Sat 19-Sep-15 21:57:39

Oh ours is a Montessori too

dementedpixie Sat 19-Sep-15 21:59:55

Both mine went straight to 5 mornings with no issues

LieselVonTwat Wed 07-Oct-15 15:05:42

Why don't you start her on 3 and gradually move up to 5 if you think it would be beneficial?

BloodyDogHairs Wed 07-Oct-15 15:10:26

My Ds started his 5 afternoon sessions in August, he loves nursery. From the minute he gets up he is asking to go and most weeekends he asks if nursery is open, I think he'd rather be full-time instead of only 3hours a day.

skyeskyeskye Wed 07-Oct-15 15:13:25

DD had her 15 hours over 2.5 days as she was previously with a childminder for 2 long days a week. She settled to it fine and was happy at preschool.

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