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First day woes

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Tallblue Mon 31-Aug-15 07:42:29

I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before but please tell me it gets easier! My DD is 1 year old and had her first 'day' at nursery today. We left after an hour as she screamed solidly the whole time (I was loitering out of sight in the reception area). Going to aim for 2 hours tomorrow. She's only going to be attending 2 days per week but the nursery has agreed for her to attend every day this week to build up the hours gradually.
How long did it take your little ones to tolerate being at nursery at a similar age?

LovelyTrees Mon 31-Aug-15 10:21:12

Hi Tallblue, i can only sympathise as my DD is going through the same this week. Today is the 3rd settling in session and she started crying as we walked in the door before I'd even left. I'm being brave/cruel and have left her there in her own so will report back in a couple of hours! It is just horrible leaving them crying but the nursery staff keep telling me its the best way. I hope someone else can reassure us both that they are right

TiggyD Mon 31-Aug-15 10:44:19

And one day in the future she'll probably cry when you come to take her away from nursery. It gets better. The only times I remember a child didn't settle was when they were doing a morning per week.
Be positive and keep the dropping off routine the same. Good luck.

Tallblue Wed 02-Sep-15 07:36:24

Thanks LovelyTrees and TiggyD.

Lovely- how's it going?

My DD lasted a couple of hours on the second day and I was called again to
collect her today after the same length of time. It's so sad to see her so upset. She eventually falls asleep and does these little sniffles as though she's still crying in her sleep :-(

People keep telling me it will get better but it's so hard to believe at the moment.

LovelyTrees Thu 03-Sep-15 08:55:56

Tallblue I'm sorry to say its not getting better for us yet. She's done one full day now as well as 5 settling in sessions and they wrote in her book that she was upset all day. Not eating much and only slept 30mins the whole day so when i picked her up at 5 she was exhausted and just looked totally dazed the poor soul. She has cried earlier each time I've dropped her off. Today we only made it as far as the front door of the nursery building before she was yelling and pointing at the door like she wanted to go back out. It's heartbreaking. I've asked DH to pick her up today as I can't remain composed enough to not cry myself!!

Tallblue Thu 03-Sep-15 12:11:51

Aw no I'm sorry to hear that Lovely.
We've had 4 settling in sessions now. Today I agreed I would leave DD from 8.30-12 and she cried as we entered the nursery and apparently was upset on and off the whole time. There are calmer spells and the nursery teacher feels things are a bit better each day, with longer calmer spells. But overall she is still upset. DD hardly eats or drinks anything whilst she is there. She also seems to hold in 'number two' nappies until she gets home.
I'm lucky as she is in a nursery with a very small number of babies so she gets 1-1 or 1-2 attention, and the nursery teacher is very good at updating me throughout the day. Doesn't make it any easier for DD though. We've finished for the week now. Two full days next week (although a full day here is 8-2 so not quite a 'full' day really!). I'm hoping all the progress we've made isn't undone over the weekend.
You are not alone flowers

LovelyTrees Thu 03-Sep-15 20:17:03

Tallblue hope you have a really nice day at home tomorrow smile I am just going to put DD in for a half day and see if that's any easier.

DH picked her up today and seemed to think she was a bit more settled so I'm just really hoping tomorrow is less traumatic for me and her.

Brings a whole new aspect to looking forward to the weekend doesn't it?

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