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changing creche for three year old

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trespassingdad Thu 30-Jul-15 09:38:34

hi all,
does anyone have experience of moving their toddler to a new crèche? we are weighing up options (new baby on the way), nothing badly wrong with his present one but we have some small(ish) concerns and are trying to balance those against the potential emotional trauma of settling into a new place. have you moved your child at a similar age? if so, how did it go?
I'm a dad by the way. hope that's ok with everyone.

Eleanor1087 Tue 04-Aug-15 08:59:17

Hi, I haven't had this experience as luckily found a Nursery I was happy with early on. I'd recommend moving your child if you have any concerns and if you think it will be more settled and work better for your family in the long run.
The less of a 'big deal' you make this, and the more you focus on the excitement of going to a new place and making new friends I'm sure the smoother this will go. Maybe ask for a couple of half days/ introduction days to help the transition?

2littlefishes Tue 04-Aug-15 09:02:53

If your seriously considering changing I'd do it sooner rather than later, a new baby is a big thing for a three year old so you don't want to cause too much upheaval at one time.

Depending what your concerns are, if hes genuinely happy where he is, I'd really just consider leaving him if hes settled.

trespassingdad Wed 05-Aug-15 14:45:19

Thank you very much for your responses. It might help if I explain what our concerns are: bad feedback from online forums about this creche; one adverse inspection report, with concerns about how children were disciplined, dating from around 2009 (all reports since are good); on two occasions i’ve caught staff snapping at the children (though never at ds); and the fact that although previously very happy there, he now often says in the morning that he doesn’t want to go. he also went through a period of yelling NO STOP THAT at us – he never hears anyone say anything like that at home, so an obvious conclusion would be that he’d heard it yelled at him, or at other children.
Against that, the great majority of staff interactions i’ve observed have been excellent; friends have their children there and rave about it; if we’d never read any of the online stuff or that one inspection report (unfortunately we only encountered them after he was settled in) our instincts about it would have been excellent; ds always seems really happy when we come to pick him up, and interacts very happily and affectionately with all the staff; and their staff turnover is very low, so he knows them all really well at this stage. overall he’s a really happy child with no behavioural problems.
what would you do?

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