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help me decide- school nursery 8-11am 5 days a week or 2 morning sessions at co-op nursery

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purplesnail Wed 15-Jul-15 14:42:18

Hi, looking at somewhere for DS for 3 year funded place, we have 3 schools and a co-op nursery all within 5 minutes walk. So far we have visited 1 school and the nursery, both seemed fine but before we look at the other schools I want to decide about the hours he will be doing.
the thing about the school setting is I will drop him off at 8 and pick up at 11 so there wont be time to take Ds2 to any groups and even meeting friends or shopping would be a rush once I allow bus travel time. He could do 12-3 instead but getting him there for 12 would make the morning to rushed anyway.

So I would like to hear your opinions and experiences please, TIA

Aciderwouldbenice Thu 16-Jul-15 20:13:06

I am going for 2 full days in a private nursery for my soon to be 3 yr old, that way his younger brother can be with him as we'll and it is just one drop off and pick up. Plus we can pay for extra days if grandparents (who do the other 2 days I work) are away.
The school is next door so still easy for Ds2 when ds1 starts but it just seemed more sensible to have them at the same nursery. Plus, and I might be wrong, but isn't the staff:child ratio smaller at a private nursery?

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