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Asquith Nursery

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monkeychops06 Mon 18-May-15 18:09:15


We are considering sending our DS to Asquith Nursery Heathrow. Does anyone have any feedback about the Heathrow branch or any of the branches in general.

Many thanks

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Justtrying Sat 30-May-15 13:06:49

Not Heathrow, but dd is about to leave an Asquith nursery and start school in September, she has been there since she was 11 months, so just over 3 years, we have been very happy, staff all well trained, good communication and excellent food. Our nursery, in NW, has been fabulous and we will be sad to leave.

monkeychops06 Tue 02-Jun-15 13:09:10

Thank you Justtrying. I do really like it. Now just need to make sure I can get there and then to the train station in good time.

Hope your DD settles well at school.

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miller599 Tue 02-Jun-15 14:24:57

I just viewed an Asquith nursery and am just how amazing it is after looking at other nurseries which I was not keen on. Although they tend to be more expensive than others, I feel the staff are well trained, children are well engaged and looked after and the nursery overall show good safeguarding measures in place and I am definitely considering this nursery. Just contemplating on the costs

monkeychops06 Tue 02-Jun-15 15:35:44

It is more expensive that other nurseries the money seems to be invested in staff and facilities. That reminds me. I need to check what childcare vouchers they take. Thank you.

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divs59 Fri 05-Jun-15 10:34:31

Anyone with the experience of Hounslow branch ? I have heard some negatives on food served to kids, any parents sending to this branch please share your opinions.

DoloresLandingham Fri 05-Jun-15 20:17:55

DD is at another Asquith and we've been very happy with it.

nemo81 Sun 07-Jun-15 09:54:11

I used to work in an Asquith nursery and i must say it was the best nursery i worked in in terms of the way the children are cares for and the way the nurserys are ran.

monkeychops06 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:06:15

Thank you all for your responses. It's very helpful.

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Krisztina1 Thu 01-Dec-16 16:15:48

Does anyone have any experience with Cheshunt Asquit branch at all
and their fees?

bumblebumbling Fri 02-Dec-16 21:45:59

Hadn't Asquith just been brought by Bright Horizons?

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