Any suggestions on nurseries in ChanceryLane/Farringdon area?

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LittleMuffinBabyboy Mon 20-Apr-15 10:28:02

Hi all,

I am a first time Mum and my DS will be 9 months and a half when I return to work which is in mid September. My DH and I will be moving to the Southfields area after having lived in the Kilburn/ Cricklewood area for 7 years. Quite a big step in itself for me plus are now considering different options for child care. I work in Chancery Lane/Farringdon and am requesting to go part time. I would not be keen to take DS to a nursery which is too far from where I work so was thinking if you know of any good nursery near Farringdon/ChanceryLane or also in St Paul's/ City Thameslink.
Also when you had to choose between a nursery near where you live or where you work which one did you end up choosing?
Thanks xx

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Callofthewild Mon 20-Apr-15 21:53:30

My daughters go to a nursery 5 mins walk from home. Commuting with a young child would be hard going. I like that shortly after I pick them up we are home and can unwind. It also means that they can go to nursery as normal if for instance I am off sick or want to take a days annual leave to do things that are not child friendly eg. Visit the accountant / tidy the house before Christmas / do some de-cluttering. My commute is 1.5 hrs so at first I did feel funny being so far from them but I am confident that they are well cared for at nursery and that makes it a lot easier.

mycrazytoddler Mon 20-Apr-15 23:05:00

Hi LittleMuffinBabyboy,

Sorry no experience of nursery's in your area, however can comment on the home V's work location!!
In short, originally I had looked into Nurseries near to our home, however this meant I would have to walk back on myself to get to the tube to go to work!! The advantage would have been that it was a community nursery & as local residents I would have stood a chance at getting DS in, also cheaper!!
However, I liked the idea of having him close to where I work, travel in together, drop off at nursery & continue up the road to knowing he is close-by, convenient in emergencies and great knowing that within 10mins of finishing work im back with my lovely boy again!!!
In saying all of that, if the nursery closest to work had been rubbish, then I'd of had to re-think!! Luckily, so far (only been 3 weeks) having DS close to where I work suits us both!! Goodluck!!! ××

mycrazytoddler Mon 20-Apr-15 23:16:44

Sorry, just to add.....I am quite lucky in that the total commute from home to nursery is 25mins on the underground (nursery 5min walk from station) and work is 5min walk from nursery, also I dont start work until 10am so miss the rush hour!!! Commuting with a child during rush hour is definitely hardwork!!!
God, so much to think about confused lol x

Galvanized Mon 20-Apr-15 23:20:06

I commute with a toddler for various reasons. Don't do it. Choose somewhere near home. Southfields to Farringdon isn't even direct is it, you'd have to ram yourself into more than one train with a buggy, there and back. Not pleasant for you or DS. Use the commute to get into "work mode" head space.

Nolim Thu 23-Apr-15 13:53:32

I had to take my baby to central london during peak hour once. Never again until the child is old enough to sit on my lap. Having a buggy in the tren or tube is a nightmare.

Also take into account that childcare in the city is definitely going to ve scarce since few families live there.

LauraMipsum Sun 10-May-15 20:50:07

Slightly late to this but disagree with those who've said commuting with a baby isn't possible.

I also work in the same area and DD has just started at Smithfield House Nursery which is 5 minutes walk from Farringdon station. She comes in with me (in the sling) on the tube, we leave at 7am so just before rush hour really. I have to be at work relatively early so there's just no way I could leave her at a local nursery and still get to work on time. Plus I didn't like the local nurseries nearly as much.

I am really pleased with Smithfield House. DD has settled really well and I couldn't be happier with the care they're providing. The staff are amazing and the children have a great bond with them (and at this age that can't be faked!) I can gush at length about them grin PM me if you want to chat.


CityDweller Wed 20-May-15 21:28:21

I have friends with DC at Smithfield and they all rate it highly. Only downside is it's in a basement with no outdoor space.

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