Nurseries in Shortlands / Bromley, Kent

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ChoccyMonster1 Mon 13-Apr-15 21:51:59

Hi, does anyone have any views on or recommendations for following nurseries in Shortlands / Bromley area:
- Fennies Bromley
- Les Enfants
- Little Cherubs
- Little Stars (Shortlands Day Nursery)
- Sunnyfields Day Nursery Bromley

Any help much appreciated!

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alexandrapm Sat 18-Apr-15 00:08:44

oh dear! I have the exact same question! bump

miller599 Thu 23-Apr-15 06:13:12

Oh my I am in the same situation looking for nurseries in shortlands or central Bromley.

I have spoken to a parent that has a child that attends sunny fields and not at all happy with the nursery however not worth taking child out as they start school this year. Also ofsted is not great and they have a very high turnover.

As for les enfants my friend dc went there and removed her as was not happy, nose was always dirty etc however that was three years ago and ofsted had highlighted this.

Fennies my dd attended the Croydon branch and I removed her after 1 month anthracite wasn't great and would have suited an older child 1+.

However I am considering les enfants and Fennies again and booking appointments to view next week. Also Bromley day nursery I have heard very good reviews on college road

cbw15 Tue 09-Jun-15 12:59:39

Any reviews on Fennies Blyth road Bromley or Monkey Puzzle Bromley?

LostMySocks Sun 14-Jun-15 15:34:25

I think little elms have a Bromley branch. DS is at Orpington Branch and is very content (more interested in breakfast and toys than saying goodbye at dropoff. Staff are lovely. Obviously different branches may be different

Malsmum1 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:54:54

Bump I'm interested in any information about the above nurseries also.

Lemonade19 Sun 12-Jul-15 07:41:10

I opted for Bromley day nursery in the end. Lovely nursery and the staff seemed amazing and took time out to ensure we were both happy, finding out about us and I was just totally blown away.

Loved monkey puzzle too but just a bit out the way for us


wenda92 Fri 16-Oct-15 14:12:33

I am a fully qualified level 3 with 14 years experience behind me, as agency (my choice due to my own children) I have worked at many Nurseries in the Bromley area, and I can tell you of one truly outstanding Nursery in the Bromley common Chatterton village area and that is Lemongrove Nursery, this nursery is almost unique in that there is only one ITS NOT ANOTHER CHAIN OWNED COULDENT CARELESS PLACE. Its also small only 32 places, I loved working there it was a truly caring place with a superb staff team. My advice is always try to aviod the big 50 even now days 90 place nurseries like the plague and try to find a small individual nursery like this. lemongrove is a true gem. Wenda

isntthatapippip Thu 05-Nov-15 02:29:23

We were very happy with little cherubs, although my dc left about a year ago. It is quite small in comparison to others I know of (a good thing imo) and staff were lovely.

Chottie Sun 22-Nov-15 19:02:15

I walk past Little Cherubs on the way to the station and the young nursery staff are often standing in the next road along from the nursery smoking and on their phone. I realise they are not smoking in the nursery area, but it really put me off the nursery.

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