Under the Willow Nursery - Croxted road

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Camilla1980 Wed 11-Mar-15 16:52:33

Hello, my son is starting at this nursery in two weeks and wondering if anyone has any reviews and how your little one likes it. My son is 1 year.
Thanks you.

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Popskipiekin Wed 13-Apr-16 09:45:51

Hi I know you posted this a while ago but I wonder how you got on? is your son still at the nursery? we are looking at it when we move to Herne Hill later this year. Many thanks!

Popskipiekin Mon 10-Oct-16 13:43:51

I thought I'd post a quick follow up here in case anyone - like we were a few months ago - is searching for this nursery on here!
Our 2 yo started a couple of weeks ago and we all love it. The staff are incredibly warm, the space they have is just lovely (DH hadn't actually seen it before DS's first day and was blown away by it). They pay real attention to DS and give us proper feedback on what he's been up to at the end of the day, and they've made his settling in wonderfully easy for him. He's slept well there from the first day which I think is very telling.

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