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Nursery doing refurbishment - how should parents be consulted

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DeeBeee Mon 02-Feb-15 16:47:39

Dear mumsnetters, I am really frustrated with my child's nursery and need some opinions on what is reasonable.

DC aged nearly 3 has been attending the same nursery for a year and a half. Throughout this period they've constantly had building works - they are doing a refurbishment program that seems never ending. Parents have not been given the plan of work, we get sporadic emails to say this room is nearly finished or something else is starting.

Last week we were sent an email to say the front entrance is being replaced so for 2 weeks ALL the nursery traffic goes through my child's room which opens with french windows directly onto the garden. So not only are all these people bringing dirt in through the day but in these freezing temperatures the door is constantly opening in the room where DC is sleeping on the floor or playing.

The email also said that they are replacing flooring, ceilings etc in the central passageway which runs through the nursery - I am really not happy with DC breathing all the dust etc.

None of these decisions have been run by parents. And of course we continue to pay fees in full. Do you think this is acceptable and parents should just live with it? I have emailed the nursery to ask for their detailed plans - no reply, so I would appreciate some opinions on how to go about this

thanks and sorry for the long post

HSMMaCM Tue 03-Feb-15 15:04:59

It sounds like they're keeping you up to date with the work being done, but you could ask about risk assessments, dust and drafts if you want to. Their schedule of works probably won't run to time anyway.

Littlefish Tue 03-Feb-15 19:37:51

Would you rather that the nursery just become shabby and badly maintained?

These sound like works which are needed to update the nursery. They are keeping you informed by email. They don't have to "run the decisions by the parents".

I think you are being ridiculously precious about the idea of extra people using the door into your child's nursery room. The door is open all day at many nurseries to allow for free flow in and out. Just send your child with an extra layer of clothes on if you think they might get cold.

I suppose the other option could be to close the nursery for 2 weeks while the do the work on the front entrance, but I'm sure that the majority of parents would rather the nursery stayed open and came up with contingency plans.

chelsbells Wed 04-Feb-15 20:46:39

It'll be two hectic weeks for both staff and parents - directing people in and out the right way, it isn't ideal but it has to be done - the alternative is to close and that wouldn't help anyone!

As previous posters have said, put an extra layer on him but free-flow is probably happening already anyway!

Refurbs are always hard work in nursery but will be worth it when it's all done - grin and bear it! It's nice to know they're spending the money on it!

You might have nice builders like we did who came and did work overnight to get it done quicker! smile And there may be certain jobs that can only be done when there are no children there due to fumes and what not! Mention concerns to the manger but there's probably very little they can do anyway!

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