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What should I look for?

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mummyrunnerbean Thu 29-Jan-15 18:39:31

About to start looking at nurseries/ childminders for September for DS as I'm going back to uni. He'll be 13 months.

I think we'll need three days a week but potentially four pending DP's chat with his boss. What questions should I be asking/ what makes for good childcare? I'm quite daunted as this feels like such a huge decision and I worry I'm too easily swayed by nice smiley people making a fuss of DS. Not that that isn't a good thing in itself...

Grateful for any ideas!

HappyTalking Thu 29-Jan-15 18:54:37

Look for happy engaged children. Are the staff involved with the children or just sitting around. Do the nursery have enough resources for the amount of children they have. Is the nursery clean ( although doesn't need to be too tidy). Does the person showing you around have plenty of knowledge of the nursery and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Good luck!

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