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Should really sign my daughter up!

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Joey2239 Sun 18-Jan-15 20:16:21

So my daughter is 3 in September and apparently it was a year waiting list for the local nursery! But the thing is I have the form to sign her up I just can't go and get it signed I lack quite badly in confidence at this sort of stuff like sometimes I struggle to go to the shops by myself! It's almost as if I'm scared to go out and get the form signed I don't no plus the school was put in special measures couple years ago and there's so many children with learning difficultys there I'm not saying that is the schools fault but if it failed as a school nearly shut down and it's failing it's pupils that surely isn't giving me any other confidence either any advise please, and please don't hate I no I should go get the form signed it's just for years I suffed with panic attacks which dragged my confidence all the way to the floor

LIZS Sun 18-Jan-15 20:26:07

Have you visited this or any other preschools? Your dd won't be eligible for a 15 hour funded place until next January unless you qualify early due to other circumstances or school until September 2017 but that funding could be used for most preschools or even childminders. Schools change over time so don't discount that one as it could be very different in a few years , the report could be out of date and all state schools will have Sen children. Also would suggest you speak to your HV or gp about your self confidence issues and isolation, do you have partner who could support you?

Joanna2239 Sun 18-Jan-15 20:39:34

Thanks for the reply, I have nieces and nephews that attend this school and they don't like it at all! And even they're not the brightest sparks, I have a partner but his just recently shouted at me to get the form signed so not much support from him

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