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nursery concerns and request for advice

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linklight Thu 15-Jan-15 13:51:35

hello, my daughter's new nursery is setting off a few alarm bells. mainly there is a make-do fish pond in the playground, raised about a foot off the ground, made from a big bucket, full of deep water and a few goldfish. it is uncovered and exactly the right height for a 2 or 3 year old to fall in to when the one staff member outside has her back turned. is this open water something that is just not allowed? i don't want to rock the boat as soon as i get there, and the children seem to like the fish. it also seems a bit dirty in general in the loos of the nursery and there is no daily structure i can make out. i don't get any indication of what they have done that day, or what they have eaten, whereas her last place gave me a slip of paper each evening with every part of the day listed. i would feel i could help her through some issues of feeling like the new girl in a very established group of girls in this new village, if i knew what went on in the day. all the staff are very kind but they are rushing about like lunatics, as i don't think there are enough of them, and i feel like i am stepping on their toes if i ask what has happened in the day.

can i ask ofsted to to do an unannounced inspection? or the council? i really don't want my name to be attached to the inspection though as it is a close knit community and i feel like it would put my and my child on a bit of a bad footing to immediately start complaining. the outreach person at the council but i fear she will know the nursery head and make it clear somehow that it was me that asked for the inspection! i know it sounds very lily-livered of me but i am on my own in a new place and want to make sure i don'tt appear to be a trouble maker. thanks for any advice you may have for me. xx

HSMMaCM Thu 15-Jan-15 14:24:34

Ask if you can see their risk assessment about the pond. This shouldn't worry them at all. I wouldn't leave uncovered water though.

Ask if they can give you a bit more information about her day, while she's settling in.

It's not time to make a formal complaint until you have done that I don't think.

About the cleanliness ... Is it just a bit old and worn, or actually health hazard dirty?

Littlefish Thu 15-Jan-15 21:32:06

No, you can't ask Ofsted to do an unannounced inspection.

You can report your concerns to Ofsted and they would then make a decision as to whether to make an inspection.

However, apart from the Health and Safety aspect of the pond, your other issues are ones which seem fairly minor, and also, ones which should be addressed directly with the nursery.

I work in a nursery, and our toilets will frequently look untidy (toilet paper on the floor, toilets not always flushed etc.). We encourage the children to make sure that the toilet paper goes into the loo, and to flush the toilet after use, and we try and check the toilets regularly, but it's just not always possible to keep the toilets pristine.

How old is your dd? In my experience, once children are in the pre-school phase (3years+), daily information/diaries are not used as children's routines are much more settled.

If I were you, I would arrange a meeting to discuss your concerns.

notonyourninny Thu 15-Jan-15 21:35:06

I wouldn't leave my child in a setting that had uncovered water, way too dangerous. Also makes me wonder about the common sense of staff.

adsy Fri 16-Jan-15 14:59:39

How come you've been in the nursery loo?

notonyourninny Fri 16-Jan-15 15:52:52

I have been in nursery loos lots of times, dc decide need a wee before you leave or tou want them to try before leaving.

linklight Fri 16-Jan-15 16:37:50

I've taken my dd to the loo at the christmas party etc. was just a little shocked at a raggedy sodden towel being used by all to dry hands. but anyway, you're right, the open water is the thing to focus on. i have raised my concerns and it should be sorted out asap. thank you all x

insancerre Sat 17-Jan-15 06:58:59

They should not be sharing a hand towel
Envorimental health would not be happy with that

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