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Childcare Near Canary Wharf! Help please

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Coolprinki1 Sat 10-Jan-15 13:42:41

Hello Dear Mommies,

I will be moving to London in mid-March. I have two children (a 3 yr old son and a 7 month old daughter - would be 9M by then). I am a bit confused on what kind of child care should I opt for. I am looking for help atleast for 3 days a week as I could work for 2 days from home.

I tried searching for an indicator on approx. costs, but am a bit lost. If I were to look for a nursery for 3 days a week (8-6), how much would it cost?
And does anyone know of any good nurseries in the Canary Wharf area?
I read in some sites that my son could be eligible for free 15 hours a week education (since he's 3 year old) - is that true? Then, for 3 days, I may be looking for 30 hours for my daughter and 15 for my son.

How much would a childminder cost? Or is nanny really the most cost effective option? But I would want my kids to be able to meet other kids and do some structured activities as well during the week.

Please please please help me clear my head.


Nolim Sat 10-Jan-15 15:11:13

A nanny is the most expensive form of chilcare in london. Every nursery or childminder has to be registered with the borough. I don't know about canary work specifically but you can contact the borough (tower hamlet i think) and they shold be able to send you a list of all childminders and nurseries in the area. Or check

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