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E14 Nurseries Canary Wharf Limehouse

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miaanastasi Thu 11-Dec-14 20:51:34

Dear All,

I have been reading through threads and been visiting a few nurseries with many more in line. My daughter is 20 months old, I have a son who is 11, and he used to go to Green Gables Montessori (Wapping) followed by Riverhouse Montessori. Both were great for him, however 10 years have gone by and I am aware that places, management, staff etc. change.

I was wondering if other people are as confused as me on nurseries in Canary Wharf/Limehouse area.

So far my top choice is Unicorn (Cabbot Place), as it is closest to me, I was very well greeted and kids had just come in from a trip, they looked content albeit tired, nonetheless the staff there took great interest in my daughter, I always find that important - they have vacancies, but I am concerned by their ofsted report.

Another one is Mudchute Farm but I understand there is no way my child can get a place?

I visited My Nursery (Canary Wharf one), I was impressed by the space they had but I could not help to think that the staff did not seem too happy, when I visited they were late in giving food to the kids and until I left the kids were still kept seated with no food. Poor kids looked bored fidgeting in their seats. I felt they were quite stressed... Maybe I was unlucky? I am keeping an open mind here, I do not know any parents who send kids there so would be great if I can have some feedback?

Lanterns? My friends used to send their sons there however Im aware its no longer like it used to be?

Crossharbour Monterssori - Seems to have a good ofsted, but cannot find much about it, only negative stuff that worries me.

Limehouse arches - Its the location Im not keen on, although its practically on my doorstep.

Hope someone can give me some current insight, and if there is any other nursery I should consider please do advise me.


smalexoliver Thu 26-Mar-15 21:57:03

Also interested to hear what people think about Limehouse Arches.

miaanastasi Wed 09-Sep-15 12:51:02

I heard a mix about Limehouse Arches. Some mums really happy, whilst others complain about the environment. I would say noone complains about the staff etc...

Just to let u know my choice...

In the end I went with MYNURSERY Canary Wharf Branch. I must say it being a big decision I was so unsure. But the week before I started my daughter, I heard of 3 parents moving their kids to the nursery, these were kids moving from Unicorn and Crossharbour. In all cases they were very unhappy with their nursery. Unicorn mainly due to hygiene and environment and Crossharbour due to the staff and organisation (ones experience might not be applicable to all).

My experience so far is just amazing. Little one only goes 2 days in a week but from day one she was very happy. She is 29months now and speaks very well, sings all the time, knows her ABCs and her numbers, fully potty trained day and night and looks like she is growing very well in confidence. She wants to go to nursery so I guess to me that is the main thing! Also I love the way they give me feedback each time I collect her. I think that parent attention is very important especially to parents that work and have their kids go every day all day.

So to parents who are unsure I would recommend to go with your gut feeling. What works for us does not necessarily work for you. I can only share my experience. The next step is school!!

silverine Sat 26-Sep-15 16:46:25

We went with My Nursery Canary Wharf too. To us it was between it and Lanterns. Two very different nurseries but we liked them for different reasons.
Lanterns was so big and spacious and they had all the art facilities, a dedicated arts room, a separate canteen (no eating in the rooms babies play and sleep), which was great. But the director seemed very wedded to her ideas. I did not disagree with any of them, but I thought if we ever disagreed on something, that might be difficult.
We liked the setting at My Nursery, lovely equipment and the staff seemed very professional and the children happy, which is why we went with it, even though it was a bit more expensive (But still nowhere near Unicorns!!)

working2mom Thu 19-Nov-15 10:48:30

My daughter had been attending Lanterns and Montessori in the past. Now she's in another nursery elsewhere.

Lanterns- my daughter was placed in the baby's room. The staff there were usually part-timer. This means, the information and observation of a child would not be fully known by the part-timer staff and they have to rely on other staff for more information. My child attended 5 days a week and when picking up my child by end of the day, they report based on what's written on a piece of paper. If you have other questions, they weren't able to give more information. I think their activities are not organised well. As far as I have seen, the babies there mostly spent their entire time in the same room, play the same stuff. Their garden is super tiny and there isn't much outdoor activities. Also, the staff has been neglecting my child sometimes whenever she poo and they did not change her. I've told them about this problem and they only apologize. I can also tell that my child was very sad each time I come to pick her up.
I have decided to move on and it will take you 6 months to get back your deposit. Whatever emails you sent to them, they will ignore you completely. Also, in my opinion - the owner who is an ex-ballerina is not really keen on the matters in the nursery, she's more interested in running her dance studio. Overall, I strongly would NOT recommend Lanterns to any parents. It's the worst nursery you can get.

Montessori - slightly better than Lanterns. Activities are organised well and they do have a big garden for any outdoor play. However I noticed that they do allow sick children in to the nursery and may be contagious to other children. The staff knows your child well compared to Lanterns. Didn't spend much time here, as moving elsewhere.

Now my daughter is in the best nursery ever with so much better care (not in Docklands). She loves everything about it and been happy everyday. I can see a huge improvement on her learning, knowledge and speaking.

user1473177779 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:48:13

Any new reviews on Crossharbour Montessori nursery please?

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