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Leaving gift dilemma

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vvviola Fri 28-Nov-14 00:06:43

We are moving house/country in January, which means that obviously DD2 will be finishing up with her daycare.

They have been (with one exception that was soon sorted out and led to new processes and procedures being put in place) utterly wonderful since she started at 10 months old when I went back to uni. They dealt with a very clingy EBF baby with multiple food allergies, with utter patience and care. They managed every transition perfectly for her. They were willing to take her at short notice on her usual days off (if I was sick, or had a uni deadline), the cook would print out recipes for me that she liked.

So I'll be getting something for the creche as a whole and/or the two rooms that she has been in.

The dilemma (other than what to get for the whole creche present!) is that there are a number of staff I'd love to acknowledge particularly:
the team leader in the baby room, one of the staff in the baby room who moved up to the toddler room at the same time as DD, the cook, and about 3 of the staff in the toddler room. They've always gone what I feel was above and beyond in how they deal with DD. Particularly the only male member of staff who has just been outstanding, and for a long time was the only person she would go to in the morning (couldn't start the day without a "John"-cuddle).

Would it be really bad to get a few small individual gifts for those people? They'd be very small tokens as opposed to anything major. But it would exclude the members of staff who only come in occasionally. (There is a core of about 4 teachers per room, and then there are others that work part-time or as relief). There's no keyworker system, so there isn't one particular teacher "responsible" for DD.

An added complication is that DD's two favourite teachers, "John" and the team leader in the toddler room, are both going away over Christmas (it's John's last day today, we only found out yesterday) and won't be back until after we have gone. So it would be a case of leaving something at the office for them.

Any thoughts? I just really want to let these people know how much they were appreciated and how much we'll miss them I may have suggested to the manager that they all move to the same country as us

HappyTalking Fri 28-Nov-14 16:51:47

I think thats a lovely idea. There have been many children who have left my nursery who have done a similar thing and it is always much appreciated by the staff.

vvviola Mon 01-Dec-14 01:54:01

Thanks Happy. It's good to know they were appreciated. I suppose my concern is that by singling out a few people I would be offending the others (who were not in any way bad, just didn't have the same connection with DD, or go out of their way to the same extent for me/her)

vvviola Wed 03-Dec-14 18:35:25

Just bumping in case anyone else has any thoughts smile

CMP69 Wed 03-Dec-14 18:39:42

I got the staff I was fond of a small bottle of cava and some homemade fudge and little tray bakes called fifteens in a pretty bag. They all seemed very pleased smile

insancerre Sun 07-Dec-14 08:48:17

Can I suggest that your write to the manager and/or head office praising the staff as it will help them get pay rises/ promotions etc
Also look up the nursery on day and leave a glowing review
That will be better received than chocolates

Jcee Sat 13-Dec-14 08:30:44

I did something similar when DD left nursery - a sharing gift for all staff and a bottle of cava with a homemade card from DD saying why she would miss that particular staff member for a handful of staff who had gone above and beyond. It was all well received.

I also did what insancerre suggested and wrote to nursery head office to say thanks and highlight particular staff members.

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